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SAP Expands Global Logistics Network with New Partners and Capabilities

SAP announces an enhanced global logistics network for customers with the new release of SAP Logistics Business Network. The addition of new partners and capabilities aim to increase value chain visibility, traceability, collaboration, and reach.

SAP’s cloud-based global logistics network expands the German software company’s partner ecosystem with the addition of new partners to increase coverage for additional modes of transport. The new SAP Logistics Network partners include:

  • project44 provides real-time road shipment tracking and global live ocean tracking through business-to-business connectivity for freight contracting and visibility capabilities.
  • ClearMetal uses machine learning to cross-reference inputs to further advance ocean-tracking choice to customers for in-transit container and shipment tracking.
  • Shippeo, a European market specialist, provides its carrier network, regulatory expertise and data intelligence to connect carriers and the truck telematics systems of millions of trucks for road shipment tracking.

Paige Cox, head of SAP Business Network Program comments on SAP Logistics Business Network’s brand-new capabilities and expanded partner network:

“As further proof of SAP’s commitment to the SAP Business Network strategy announced at SAPPHIRE NOW, we continue to add new capabilities to SAP Logistics Business Network and to advance our partner strategy. The open APIs and expanded partnerships are proof points of our strategy to create a true network of networks.”

What’s in the new SAP Logistics Business Network?

Reducing total cost and improving service to end customers require effective logistics collaboration. This also ensures a sustainable and resilient supply chain which in turn transforms business models and provides agility to businesses to face global disruptions.

SAP Logistics Business Network is SAP’s solution to help connect SAP customers’ back-end systems to their freight collaboration, tracking, order fulfillment, and material traceability networks. It allows companies to jointly manage logistics transactions and gain valuable insights across the complete value chain. The network solution serves more than 5 million companies globally. Furthermore, according to SAP, more than US$3.46 trillion in commerce is transacted annually through SAP Logistics Business Network.

The global logistics network is an open, secure multi-capability, multi-modal network that connects business partners for inter-company logistics collaboration and insights. It utilises insights from enterprise resource planning and advanced analytics.

The newly enhanced SAP Logistics Business Network provides the next step in the company’s strategy to accelerate growth by doubling down on building the world’s largest business network. According to SAP, the global logistics networks’ new capabilities will allow customers to gain end-to-end visibility, increased efficiency and seamless collaboration through a unified business network.

The enhancements include:

  • Next-generation global track-and-trace capability that connects to milestone and live tracking services across transportation modes for global coverage
  • Enhanced freight collaboration capabilities, including multimodal freight order tracking that extends visibility across road and ocean events
  • Standard APIs to connect partners and networks, enabling new road and ocean partner collaborations
  • New connectivity to ocean carriers and ports, as well as satellite systems, providing visibility across all global ocean freight
  • Expanded partner ecosystem to allow licensed members of SAP Logistics Business Network to access actual shipment location, status changes, and the estimated time of arrival during transportation by road and ocean carriers

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