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Risk of a syndemic between COVID-19 and dengue fever in southern Mexico

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Gac Med Mex. 2020;156(5):460-464. doi: 10.24875/GMM.M20000449.


A syndemic is the convergence of two or more diseases in the same space and time. In Mexico, the dengue epidemic is active and predominates in areas of the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico; in turn, the COVID-19 epidemic severely affects the same areas as dengue fever. Given that both these diseases share many clinical manifestations, in areas where tropical diseases are endemic, it is important to make careful evaluations of the patient who consults for fever in order to establish a timely diagnosis. Laboratory diagnostic tests are necessary to take the pertinent measures for each patient. In Mexico, the risk of a syndemic between COVID-19 and dengue fever is high, and thus it that can collapse health systems. The states of southeastern Mexico and the Pacific region require special attention, since they have geographic, environmental and climatic conditions that favor the rapid spread of dengue and COVID-19. Simultaneous infection will worsen the epidemiological situation, and complicate the diagnosis, control and treatment of both diseases.

PMID:33372924 | DOI:10.24875/GMM.M20000449

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