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Regarding the impact of INVL Baltic Real Estate transaction on buy-back of shares Vilnius Stock Exchange:INR1L

The special closed-ended type real estate investment company INVL Baltic Real (hereinafter – “the Company”), draws attention of the shareholders, who are planning to participate or are participating in the buy-back of shares of the Company that on 30 September 2020 Company completed the transaction on sale of the part of Business Centre Vilniaus Vartai owned by the Company. The transaction had a positive impact on the Company’s net asset value (NAV) and on the price of the Company’s shares, therefore it is recommended to the shareholders to evaluate whether the submission of the shares for buy-back is economically justified and beneficial.

It is recalled that shareholders of the Company, having submitted an order on buy-back of the shares, may cancel it until 9 November 2020 3:30 p.m.

Additional information:

On 9 April 2020 the General Meeting of Shareholders (hereinafter – “the Meeting”) adopted the decision on repurchase of own shares of the Company due to material changes in the incorporation documents of the Company and taking into account that an obligation has arisen for the Company to buy back the shares of the Company of shareholders opposing the decisions or not participating in the Meeting or abstaining from voting. The Management Company INVL Asset Management, UAB on 25 June 2020 provided an approved detailed procedure for the buy-back of the Company’s shares, according to which the buy-back of the Company’s shares is carried out. The buy-back of the Company’s shares begun on 7 July 2020 and will last till 9 November 2020. The link on an inside information announcement: Announcement of share buy-back procedure and beginning of share buy-back of INVL Baltic Real Estate.

On 30 September 2020 Company announced that the transaction for sale of real estate – Business Centre Vilniaus Vartai on Gyneju str. 14, A. Tumeno str. 4 and A. Tumeno str. 6 in Vilnius, owned by the Company and its subsidiary UAB Proprietas, was completed. The value of the transaction is EUR 20 million. It is assessed that its impact on INVL Baltic Real Estate’s 2020 profit will be EUR 4,4 million and its impact on the Company’s NAV per share will be EUR 0,33. The link on an inside information announcement: The transaction on the sale of the part of the Business Centre Vilniaus Vartai owned by INVL Baltic Real Estate has been completed.

INVL Baltic Real Estate_rules for the buy-back of shares.pdf

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