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Rapiscan’s RTT110 gets the nod from TSA

Rapiscan Systems’ RTT110 cargo and baggage scanner has become the first high-speed Computed Tomography Explosive Detection System (EDS) to be approved according to the US Transportation Security Administration’s Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL).

Certification was achieved last month (November) following what Rapiscan described as a “thorough testing process” with TSA.

However, the RTT110 will now undergo further field test activities which it must pass before it can be formally qualified.

By February 2021, all cargo shipments leaving, entering or travelling within the US will have to be screened by a system listed on the ACSTL.

“The RTT110 has revolutionised the EDS market by providing exceptional performance at significantly lower cost of ownership,” a Rapiscan statement observed.

“With its unique stationary gantry design and belt speed of 0.5m/s, the RTT110 produces industry leading high-resolution full volumetric 3D images at high speed, giving excellent security,” it added.

Mal Maginnis, president of Rapiscan Systems, remarked: “Our teams have worked extremely hard to create an exceptional product which we are all proud of.

“The technology has been designed to the highest quality to provide reliable and effective high-speed screening with many features ideally suited for the fast parcel industry and we are really pleased that our hard work is now being recognised.”

Rapiscan Systems, a division of OSI Systems, Inc., is a global provider of security inspection solutions. Its product portfolio includes cargo and vehicle inspection systems as well as baggage, people and other detection and inspection systems.

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