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project44 rolls out new offerings to its supply chain platform

Chicago-based project44, a technology services provider offering standardized, secure Web service API (application programming interfaces) integrations enabling 3PLs and shippers to connect with carriers in real time, announced this week it has rolled out various new capabilities to its offerings, with a sharp focus on global supply chain visibility, in order to help shippers attain higher levels of performance, productivity, and customer experience.

The key aspects of the new capabilities introduced by project44 include:

  • improving carrier collaboration through a new set of tools comprised of a carrier-centric interface within project44’s Visibility Operations Center (VOC), which is used to visualize current and historical shipment data, coupled with benchmarks broken down by lane for all customers using the project44 platform;
  • increasing pre- and post-shipment workflow and orchestration through new capabilities that enable organizations to automate and orchestrate LTL and TL tender, dispatch and digital document retrieval processes, including electronic bill of lading (eBOL) and proof of delivery (POD) in North America and Europe;
  • harnessing multimodal data to unlock predictive insights by providing organizations with deeper predictive and exception management capabilities to proactively manage multimodal shipments; and gaining order and inventory level visibility, which improves operational efficiency, on-time delivery, and proactive decision-making through a single view of associated SKUs, orders and shipments while also predicting risk through a predictive health scoring algorithm

“Driven by a deep commitment to supply chain transparency and predictability, we’re excited to introduce an evolutionary standard in global supply chain visibility,” said Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO of project44, in a statement. . “With increasing demands for agility, the world’s leading brands are looking for a new level of real-time collaboration, automation, and predictive insights. Our new capabilities can help them make faster, more effective decisions and, as a result, build more resilient supply chains.”

And Vernon O’Donnell, Chief Product and Services Officer, at project44, told LM that project44 is committed to enabling the entire transportation ecosystem to increase the efficiency, agility, and resilience of global supply chains.

“With increasing demands for agility in times of uncertainty or rapid change, the world’s leading brands need real-time collaboration with their carrier partners,” he said. “The newly released carrier-centric interface within project44’s Visibility Operations Center (VOC) allows carriers to visualize all current and past shipment data along with benchmarks for all of their mutual customers on the project44 platform. By providing carriers and shippers with this single source of truth, we unlock the next level of real-time collaboration, which improves service levels and empowers more interactive exception management.”

When asked what the most significant benefits of main benefits of project44’s order and inventory level visibility, O’Donnell explained that in today’s complex global supply chain, systems and identifiers—such as purchase order, SKU, BOL, and more—are highly disconnected.

“As a result, supply chains are either left with siloed and inconsistent information, or they spend time completing the manual and cumbersome task of associating load numbers with POs across systems,” he said. “project44’s enhanced order and inventory visibility provides a single view of associated SKUs, orders and shipments, while also predicting risk based on the industry’s only health scoring algorithm. On top of that, by automating the PO process, project44 can reduce the average PO processing time by about 20%, driving efficiency for supply chains.”

Looking ahead, O’Donnell said that project44 will continue to invest in advanced visibility, enhanced collaboration, and automation to help global organizations build supply chains with elasticity.

“As customer demands for faster delivery are growing, despite unpredictable market conditions, project44 will continue investing in product enhancements to improve the depth and quality of real-time data provided to the entire network,” he said. “Our carrier-centric VOC will provide more actionable insights and analytics to unlock a new level of collaboration and resource management. And we will continue to invest in tools to help carriers alongside those of shippers.”

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