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It’s often said that you can’t fix what you can’t see. But in today’s world of murky supply chains and corporate accountability, that axiom must be taken one step further. Now, seeing doesn’t even count if it’s not a 360-degree view. Because only from a high vantage point can you see all the moving parts, how they work together, what the holes are, and then adjust as needed.

The reason for this holistic shift can be attributed to one thing: the increased and ever-evolving regulatory environment across the United States and EU, from the Green Deal to the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act to the possible New York Fashion Act.

“Regulation brings a different discussion, because with regulation, you don’t have a choice,” said Stephane Boivin, co-founder and CEO of quality and compliance platform Pivot88, which partners with heavyweights like Oakley, Adidas, Gap, Under Armour and others.  

Pivot88 aggregates quality and compliance processes, lab test data integration and raw material traceability all under one roof, incorporating this supply chain birds-eye view into its newly launched solution, aptly named the 360-Degree Dashboard.

“There has never been a more important time to have complete transparency throughout the supply chain, particularly the chain of custody for raw materials origins, overall product integrity and supplier compliance across all tiers,” said Boivin in a fireside chat with Edward Hertzman, founder and president of Sourcing Journal.

The dashboard gathers and aggregates data on a granular level, including quality, CSR (corporate social responsibility) and overall product integrity. As it is cloud-based, the business intelligence and analytics platform provides clients full visibility and integration of the entire process and data, allowing them to audit their supply chain in real time.

“Traceability is the biggest area of concern companies are focusing on lately,” noted Boivin.

At the end of the day, however, bad data in means bad data out, so Pivot88 has built in checks and balances to ensure that suppliers who are self-auditing and self-inspecting are inputting accurate and honest information. All inputs are time-stamped and GPS verified so all transactions reported can be traced back to the address of the supplier who is ostensibly making the notation.

What we’re trying to do for companies is minimize risk and give them a better future,” said Boivin.

Continue the conversation at Sourcing Journal’s Fall Summit. Click here to buy tickets to join us in New York on Oct. 18.

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