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Payment processing technology developer PayJunction has rolled out a digital invoice function for companies that harness its virtual terminal offering, according to a Thursday (Jan. 7) announcement.

PayJunction says the functionality has been proven useful for companies such as law practices and veterinary clinics that have moved to curbside and virtual video sessions to help curb face-to-face meetings amid the pandemic, according to the announcement.

Billing workers who are on site or who telecommute can sign in from any “browser-connected” device, according to the company. These workers can make an invoice, input particulars, connect it with a client’s work order or file and electronically send a request for approval and payment.

A message can include instructions, due date or line-item information, while a portable document file (PDF) of the complete invoice or supporting paperwork can be included. Clients can open the message, provide card information through a form and send payment, according to the announcement, which noted that the funds are available the following day.

The company’s invoice functionality grows use cases from usual billing scenarios. In one case, companies can harness the functionality to expediently receive the go-ahead and payment for add-on services. PayJunction says that feature can be of particular help in cases that the ultimate amount due for merchandise or services may not be set until an examination or inspection is conducted.

PayJunction President Randy Modos said in the announcement that the pandemic has driven broad adoption of payment methods such as digital wallets, contactless cards and remote payments.

“There is no going back. Businesses continue to replace paper-based processes with digital experiences that are fast, easy, and secure. Our invoices feature allows businesses to maintain social distancing, save time, and improve cash flow,” Modos said in the announcement.

Seprately, construction accounting technology company Foundation Software, LLC recently unveiled a mobile billing feature for its Service Dispatch mobile program. The SD Mobile Billings function is meant to help technicians more effectively make and contend with invoices.



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