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Parcelmagic: Disrupting logistics with innovation and excellent service


Logistics is a complex problem. More so in the context of Bangladesh where Google map often fails to find the right address. Infrastructure continues to make delivering to many places in the country challenging and costly. Problems like service quality, delays, missing products, and damage continue to plague the sector.

Moreover, the most well-known traditional courier services in Bangladesh mostly operate manually and rarely provide digital support. Many of them don’t provide pick-up service. You have to carry the products/documents to their places/storefront to make the delivery. The service quality is subpar and often does not take many needs of small merchants such as COD payment into account. While the majority of eCommerce payment takes place in cash-on-delivery (COD), payment to merchants by the logistics companies often takes 7-10 days.

Keeping these inconveniences in mind, Parcelmagic devised the concept of a fully technology-enabled logistics solution that requires no physical effort other than the touch of a finger.

Parcelmagic provides end-to-end logistics solutions including small business parcel delivery, individual document and parcel couriers, and corporate logistics service solutions. The company offers Instant Delivery for individuals and Merchant Delivery services, each with its own dedicated panel. There is an app available on Android and iOS for instant delivery service transactions, and the website serves as the merchant panel. The company has designed solutions to address many of the challenges this sector faces including same-day merchant payment, timely delivery, and efficiency across operations. 


Parcelmagic began its journey on 05 December 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, at the peak of the need for home delivery services. The company has seen excellent growth over the past several months and is quickly becoming a well-known name among all the courier service competitions that erupted during the outbreak.

When the lockdown began and everyone was panicking about where to get their essentials, delivery service appeared to be the sole superhero to come to our everyday rescue.

Parcelmagic hosted a soft launch party at its office in Banani, Dhaka on 1st March 2022 in the presence of several high-profile guests. The company has since been operating with the fastest, most reliable, and wallet-friendly service packages.

Parcelmagic understands that every second is of infinite value and considers time management and customer satisfaction as their top priorities. The company says it spent a year developing its platform and works hard to ensure that every shipment is handled with attention, dedication, and care so that eCommerce entrepreneurs can do their business from the comfort of their homes without worrying about the delivery of their products.

Parcelmagic also understands how time-consuming bulk orders can be. So it has made logistics management for bulk orders simpler. Its user-friendly dashboard has been designed in a way that anyone can gain insights easily through analytics, direct address printing with details on envelopes, bulk sticker printing, smart contact management, auto invoice/bill generation, and so on. It allows more efficient use of resources, less time spent making orders, smart labeling of parcels/envelopes, real-time parcel tracking, and the most efficient method of delivery all over Bangladesh.

Parcelmagic has developed separate panels for Person-2-person deliveries and merchant deliveries. Parcelmagic started with the website, which is designed for merchants and has a well-designed, user-friendly merchant panel. Separately, the company has launched a mobile app that functions as a panel for Person-2-Person or instant delivery services.

For merchants, the company provides regular services including delivery within 24-48 hours, payment settlement within 24 hours, and insurance coverage up to 5000 TK. “With our smart delivery, we plan to build a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly platform that can assist every entrepreneur and merchant throughout the country,” the company says. 

As mentioned earlier, the company also provides day-to-day parcel delivery service to individual customers through its mobile app which it calls instant delivery service. The company says it has put on-time delivery and excellent client service at the top of its priorities when it comes to service delivery. For P2P deliveries, the company guarantees delivery within 4 hours of making an order. Users can download Parcelmagic app from Play Store or App Store and start sending parcels easily from anywhere in Bangladesh, at any time, and have their parcels delivered within 4 hours of placing the order.


Parcelmagic plans to expand its services to all districts in Bangladesh from the month of October 2022. The company says it aspires to build a swift and smart delivery network that can be accessed via both the web and smartphone nationwide.

“We are always focused on creating innovations that leverage technology beyond pick-up and drop,” says Shaerul H Joarder (Neel), Co-Founder and CEO of Parcelmagic. “Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. So, all our team members understand your feelings and seamlessly connect happiness through deliveries with care.” 

Parcelmagic team | Photo by Parcelmagic
Parcelmagic team | Photo by Parcelmagic

Parcelmagic has built an excellent team within a short period of time. The company says its team is one of its competitive advantages. The company empowers its people and has designed several unique policies that indicate it cares about its people. “We are proud of our team members’ outstanding abilities and skills, which contribute to every positive customer interaction,” says the company. “We encourage our employees to advance within the organization by providing them with the tools to improve their managerial skills, allowing them to grow alongside the company.”

Logistics is one of the fast-growing verticals in Bangladesh. The fast growth of eCommerce has created new opportunities in the sector. It is a big market and offers excellent opportunities to build large businesses. Bangladesh’s total eCommerce market is estimated to reach US$3 billion in 2023. Some estimates put the number of active eCommerce sites at 2,000 along with several lakhs of Facebook-based sellers. To that end, the logistics sector is expected to gain in the coming days. 

Parcelmagic sees the opportunity. “Our mission is to become one of the leading logistics companies in Bangladesh, and perhaps all over the world, by providing our clients with interactive, efficient, reliable, and high-quality delivery services,” a representative for the company says.

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