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Pandemic boosts need for tracking technology in supply chain

In Australia, blockchain platform Trust Provenance (T-Prov) recently wrapped up its supply chain pilot project that harnessed real-time data to track the movement of mangos from the tree to the supermarket.

The digital platform was developed and tested as part of a 2.5-year Smart Supply Chain pilot project co-funded by the Cooperative Research Center for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) in partnership with T-Prov, mango producer Manbulloo and industry group Growcom.

Growcom Manager Policy and Advocacy Richard Shannon said reducing complexities and improving efficiencies was critical to the future economic performance and sustainability of the horticulture sector.

“The supply chain project provides a crucial tool enabling local farmers to share the benefits of their produce directly with consumers. We believe better traceability systems will reward farmers with higher returns in the market, that reflect the investments they’re making in more sustainable, safe and ethical production practices,”​ said Shannon. 

An instant snapshot

During the trial, T-Prov and Manbulloo worked together to build a platform that integrated all the systems and information Manbulloo identified as critical touchpoints along their supply chain.  

Real-time data, such as time, temperature and location were tracked, transmitted and uploaded to the blockchain where Manbulloo and other supply chain partners could then access the information through a dashboard interface and track every stepof the supply chain. 

This integration of data and quality assessments along the chain allowed for a more streamlined approach that relied on one secure and centralized system which provided instant traceability.

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