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Paddy procurement double than last year in Chhattisgarh

Paddy Procurement is going on Chhattisgarh is a systematic manner. Quantity of paddy procured this year till date is nearly double as compared to the quantity procured last year.

 More than Rs 10 thousand crores have been paid to more than 15 lakh farmers against paddy procurement. 60 lakh metric tonnes of paddy has been procured at support price in the state so far, which is almost twice the amount of paddy procured in the same period last year.

As State Government is consntantly making arrangements and monitoring the process, farmers are facing no inconvenience in selling paddy. Paddy purchased from farmers is 40 kg 580 grams per bag including the weight of gunny bad i.e. 580 grams.

Due to the shortage of gunny bags, there has been some inconvenience, which is being rapidly resolved. Continuous payment is also being made in lieu of paddy purchased from farmers at support price.

This year a total of 21.48 lakh farmers have registered for selling paddy in the state at support price, which is about 10 percent more than the 19.55 lakh farmers registered last year. This is the highest number of paddy farmers to register for sale so far.

Nearly 59.79 lakh tons of paddy has been procured from 15.02 lakh registerde farmers. Last year in the same duration, 34.61 lakh tons of paddy was procured from 8.48 lakh farmers. In this way the number of registered farmers to sell paddy has increased by 77% and the quantity of paddy procured has increased by 73%.  More than 10 thousand crore has been timely paid to farmers against the paddy procured. Each gunny bag is being weighed in societies. Each gunny bag of paddy procured from farmers weighs 40 kg 580 gram, including the weight of gunny bag i.e. 580 grams

*Government of India did not provide gunny bags as per the demand*

Considering the favorable weather in the state during Kharif season, the status of the Kharif crop and the number of farmers that have registered to sell paddy in the state, procurement of more quantity of paddy than previous year is expected. In view of this, the state government had demanded 3.50 lakh gunny bags from Government of India. But as Central Government did not provide sufficient quantity of gunny bags, the process of procurement of paddy in Chhattisgarh was adversely affected. But State Government identified the problem and resolved it at once at the local level. And as state government has made the arrangements as per the requirement, permission has been given to procure paddy in the gunny bags.

Government of India had approved supply of 3 lakh new jute bags but then the supply was cut off by more than half and only 1.45 lakh jute bags have been approved. Despite the fact that Chhattisgarh Government deposited the advance amount to Jute Commissioner, Chhattisgarh has recieved only 1.09 lakh jute bags till date while delivery of 36 thousand gunny bags is still awaited.

Considering the possible shortage in the supply of new jute gunny bags, the State Government has sought permission from the Government of India for additional supply of 1.10 lakh new jute gunny bags in the month of January, which is still pending. As a result of the reduction in the supply of new jute gunny bags by Government of India, State Government has also ensured an alternative arrangement of gunny bags by purchasing HDPE / PP gunny bags for the convenience of farmers. So far, about 23 thousand  of HDPE / PP gunny bags have been made available for purchasing paddy from farmers.

Keeping in view the possible shortage in supply of HDPE / PP gunny bags due to COVID-19, re-use of 30 thousand HDPE / PP gunny bags has also been permitted. Similarly, through the district administration, 73 thousand bales of PDS gunny bags and 1.18 lakh bales of old miller gunny bags are being utilized for paddy procurement.

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