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Optimize Workflows with Mobile Robotics

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January 4, 2021

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are among the most significant robotics advances available to the logistics and manufacturing industries today. Thanks to innovations in vision, mapping, safety and other technologies developed for self-driving vehicles, AMRs have overcome traditional barriers to automation in distribution centers (DCs) and complex manufacturing operations. AMRs have often been characterized as a “wave of the future” or “next-generation” solution. But the reality is they’re already in use today. Proactive DCs are using them to ease labor burdens, improve productivity, reduce or eliminate errors, lower operational costs, and stay nimble in constantly changing market conditions.

In this new report, Optimize Workflows With Mobile Robotics, we’ve compiled some of the most practical and effective real-world scenarios that are already leveraging the full potential of AMRs today. You’ll also learn about the advanced simulation tools and other areas of expertise that maximize the success of mobile robotics solution development.

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