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The Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, provides sustainment to multiple weapons systems in various stages of their lifecycle.

But what happens to items when their lifecycle ends? Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services has the answer.

“DLA Disposition Services provides the necessary outlet for local units to dispose of their excess and unserviceable equipment in order to maintain unit readiness,” said Michael Kelly, DLA Disposition Service’s Warner Robins area manager. “Warner Robins is a Large Field Activity with two supporting field offices at Fort Benning, Georgia, and Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia.”

Once items are turned in, DLA Disposition Services will find them a new home.

“We can repurpose items at the end of its life cycle by issuing equipment to Defense Department federal customers, state agencies and multiple special programs,” said Donald Cassada, DLA Disposition Services property disposal specialist, with the Reutilization, Transfer, and Donation Office. “Special programs include, Computers for Learning, Law Enforcement Support Office, Fire Fighter Program, and the Humanitarian Assistance Program, to name a few.”

Cassada said the military services have also come up with creative ways to use items.

“Vehicles can be requisitioned by Army and Air Force test ranges to simulate enemy positions,” she said. “These allow the warfighter to gain an understanding of how to move in a battle zone, as well as give them an actual target to move on.”

The training opportunities do not end there.

“Communications squadrons can acquire computers, printers, servers and other electronic items to practice and perform 2 and 3-level maintenance,” said Cassada. “They can set up test stands and practice environments to allow trainees to perform the necessary admin functions needed without doing it on the active network.”

Some items are made available to the public.

“After finishing the Reutilization, Transfer, and Donation screening cycle, the items may go to public sales based on controls,” Cassada said. “These non-controlled items are sold to sales partners. Through these partners, civilians will have access to items and can bid on them.”

Omar Khlifi, DLA Disposition Services South-East disposal service director, said each property at DLA Disposition Services utilizes the same inventory management system.

“If a customer in one location is looking for a specific item, a request can be sent out to other sites to be on the lookout for that type of property,” said Khlifi. “The item will go into the inventory management system where it can be requisitioned.”

“In addition to the Defense Department, there are other federal, state and law enforcement entities that can search for property,” said Khlifi. “Everyone that is eligible must apply for access to the search the inventory management system and complete the registration requirements to be able to search for property.”

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