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Nuclear Supply Chain Management Toolkit

The IAEA has launched a Nuclear Supply Chain Toolkit to support countries in coordinating among regulators, technical support organizations, owner/operators of nuclear facilities and their suppliers. The toolkit provides examples, case studies and good practices to help ensure that procurement by nuclear power plants, research reactors and fuel cycle facilities is done efficiently and at high quality. It is intended to assist both nuclear newcomer and operating countries in the use of sound quality and management principles.

“An effective and efficient nuclear supply chain is crucial to the safety and reliability of our nuclear power plant operation,” said Zoran Heruc, a Management Board Advisor at the Krsko nuclear power plant in Slovenia.

Nuclear power plants suppliers need to comply with well-established requirements and have a pool of their own suppliers and subcontractors that supply sub-assemblies, parts and services. These can be challenging to manage, leading to delays and sometimes cost overruns. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the supply chain by introducing longer lead times for new constructions and some major refurbishment projects.

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