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New beverage launches: November

Ceder’s launches in the US 

Ceder’s non-alcoholic ‘alt-gin’ has launched in the US (pictured above).

The brand launched in the UK in 2018, and has since expanded to more than 24 markets.

It is launching in the US in four expressions:

  • Ceder’s Classic (akin to a classic gin, mostly juniper but with floral hints);
  • Ceder’s Crisp (juniper combined with citrus, cucumber and camomile);
  • Ceder’s Wild (juniper combined with ginger, clove and rooibos); 
  • Ceder’s Pink Rose (juniper combined with rose and hibiscus).

Ceder’s is made from classic gin and exotic botanicals unique to South Africa’s Cederberg mountains.

These South African botanicals are combined with Swedish water and bottled in Sweden to create a unique product that provides all the flavor of gin without the alcohol.

“The idea for Ceder’s came from a wish to create a great tasting, beautifully served alcohol-free drink that had all the rich juniper flavors of a gin but that could be easily enjoyed as an everyday escape,” ​says founder Craig Hutchison. 

“With the rapidly expanding interest in low- and no-alcohol beverages across the US, we’re confident Ceder’s will be an exciting entry in the market.”  

The four varieties can be used as premium mixers; are suitable for vegetarians and vegans; and have 1-2 calories per serving with zero sugar.

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