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NebulARC rolls out AI-enabled virtual assistant UBICUO to help firms automate supply chain

Logistics SaaS platform NebulARC on Tuesday said it has rolled out AI-enabled virtual assistant UBICUO to help companies automate their supply chain besides enhancing productivity and optimising operations at a lower cost. The solution allows enterprises to keep a check on inventory, product perishability, supply trends and demand-supply ratio, among others, NebulARC said in a release.

Besides, it manages warehouse operations and follows up dispatched and stock-in-hand to inform the production requirements for smarter business decisions, according to the release. NebulARC’s AI-enabled virtual assistant not only manages the entire logistics ecosystem but also helps the businesses significantly reduce risks of theft, pilferage and other unwanted events such as temperature excursions by providing intelligent alerts and actionable insights, the firm said.

“We are positive about the market sentiment and thrilled to introduce one of our most-disruptive logistics solutions for businesses across verticals,” said Alok Sharma, CEO and co-founder of NebulARC. He added that UBICUO has been developed keeping in mind the various constraints that a company faces while managing its logistics, be it for business-to-business (B2B) shipments or for end-customers.

With its unique capabilities, UBICUO will prove to be a key enabler for organisations by helping them increase their productivity and optimise their operations at a significantly lesser cost, he added. With the growing need for effective logistics amid rising customer demand for e-commerce and FMCG companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find apt manpower to manage the supply chain functions, the company said.

Leveraging the AI-enabled virtual assistant is a smart option for companies working towards faster decision making and enhanced experience, it added..

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