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Musk blows top as Berlin factory STILL can’t open after EU red tape hell: ‘Seriously!?’ | Science | News

Activists have called for another round of discussions regarding the environmental effects in the area once it is operational. It comes after renewed discussions about the objections critics have concerning Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin were completed. They reportedly already covered around 800 objections, but now they want Brandenburg’s Office of the Environment to repeat the public discussions.

The groups demands that the talks be totally transparent after some documents were reportedly placed out or missing.

On Tuesday, these sentiments were expressed in a joint statement from the Nabu, BUND, Green League, and NaturFreunde.

Responding to the development, Mr Musk tweeted: “Seriously!!??”

It is yet to be known whether the group will be successful in delaying the factory open again.

But the Ministry of the Environment has not shared an estimate as to when Giga Berlin’s final approval may be released.

The construction of the gigafactory has been strongly opposed due to its environmental impact.

The plant has been under construction since May 2020, but Tesla had only “early approvals,” which means that it could proceed at its own risk without the guarantee of the final approval.

It has been held up by legal challenges from environmental groups, delays in the approval process by regional and national agencies, and the carmaker’s own revisions to the plan.

So far, they have caused several hold-ups over concerns about water usage and pollution.

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The EU has some of the most ambitious environmental and climate goals in the world.

Numerous EU acts have been influential in shaping the system of environmental law in Germany.

Mr Musk has said that he wanted the German plant in the future to build the company’s range of trucks.

However, the angular design and steel skin of Tesla’s “Cybertruck” is unlikely to pass EU safety requirements.

Mr Musk said that “maybe we can get some kind of waiver,” but that may be wishful thinking.

It comes after the world’s richest man flew to Germany to host Gigafest Berlin – a county-fair style party to celebrate the site’s opening.

But instead of Tesla models, attendees were created with a Ferris wheel, a DJ set and “giga food” stalls due to the delay.

The billionaire told fans at the festival: “We’re aiming to start production in a few months, basically, November or December, and hopefully deliver our first cars in December.

It is now thought that production could start in the New Year.

It comes after Mr Musk snubbed Brexit Britain.

He told trade magazine Auto Express in 2019 that uncertainty over the UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU “made it too risky” to establish its European battery facility in the country.

He added that his decision was influenced by Germany’s strong track record on engineering.

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