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Moving Mountains Launches Meaty Plant-Based Beef Tender Strips – vegconomist

Logo Moving Mountains
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British alt-meat company Moving Mountains has launched what it claims is “the meatiest plant-based product in the world”. According to the company, its Plant-Based Beef Tender Strips sizzle and brown just like real beef.

The plant-based strips are made with a combination of pea, soy, and wheat proteins, and fortified with vitamin B12. They are sold frozen to minimise food waste, and can be cooked in just five minutes.

Moving Mountains says the strips can be used in everything from stir-fries and burritos to stews and wraps.

Moving Mountains beef strips
© Moving Mountains

Just last month, Moving Mountains launched plant-based fish fingers, and it also debuted a “pork” burger early last year. Its most well-known product, the “bleeding” burger, is now outselling conventional beef burgers through the wholesaler Brakes. The company’s other products include sausages, mince, and meatballs.

In an interview with vegconomist last year, founder Simeon Van der Molen said he expects to see even the most committed meat-eaters switching to plant-based alternatives in the near future.

The new beef-style strips will be available at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, retailing at about £4.50 for a 250g bag.

“We have perfected the recipe with a team of scientists, chefs, and technological innovations, and it is the closest replication to beef available on the market,” said Simeon Van der Molen. “The product provides a real solution to the environmental impact of the animal agriculture industry, without compromising on taste for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters.”

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