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Mouser Electronics and Ultraleap sign global distribution agreement

The leap motion controller is an optical hand tracking module that captures the movements of a user’s hands up to 60cm from the device in a 120×150° field-of-view.

Ultraleap says it is designed to make human interaction in digital worlds natural and effortless.ultraleap

The minimum processor requirements for this device are an AMD Phenom II or an Intel Core i3. It can operate from 0-3048m, with an ambient operating temperature from 0-45ºC.

It’s powered via USB, and plugins for Unity and Unreal are also available.

The Stratos Inspire is a haptic module designed to enable mid-air tactile effects for experiential marketing, digital out-of-home installations and location-based entertainment.

It requires a 24VDC power supply and has an operating temperature range of 0-40°C. The minimum processor requirements are an Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom II.

The module integrates a leap motion controller for hand tracking and also includes an IP4X splash-proof enclosure. Designed for use in public spaces, the Stratos Inspire module is certified compliant to CE, FCC, NRTL, PSE, RoHS and REACH.

The kit includes a leap motion controller for hand tracking as well as two metal and three acoustic fabric frame-mounted cover materials.

Both the Inspire and Explore variants include a software development kit for C# and C++, a Unity plugin, plug-and-play demos, and the Sensation editor tool for visualisation of the haptic sensations.

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