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Mobility Lab is back, offering pilots and launching partners for startups in mobility

Stop talking, start testing. That is the motto of Mobility Lab. The programme that helps mobility startups to put their money where their mouth is and test their product in the real world. By signing up for Mobility Lab, startups with an idea to improve mobility, transport of logistics can join up with Dutch local governments, major Dutch mobility organisations and companies to run an actual pilot with their product. Registration is open now, but it won’t be for long.

The goal of Mobility Lab is to connect emerging startups with existing organizations in the area of mobility. By partnering up, these organizations get access to new, fresh ideas. Meanwhile, the startups get the chance to try out their product in a real-world environment under the guidance of seasoned industry veterans and organizations with influence and a vast network. The world of mobility is broad and wide so Mobility Lab is looking for a wide range of ideas.

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Work with ANWB, Brainport or Municipality of Rotterdam

To give you an idea of what the launching partners are looking for, there are several challenges set for startups. For instance, the countries largest travelers’ association ANWB is looking for a way to improve the flow of traffic while minimizing accidents and thus improve safety on the roads. The city of Rotterdam has joined Mobility Lab as a launching partner to look for ways to improve safety for those in mopeds and to battle the bad behavior involved in road rage.

Mobility Lab will also give you a unique opportunity to shape the residential areas of tomorrow, together with launching partner Brainport Smart District. This project, developed in cooperation with multiple universities, is a living lab for urban development of the future. They challenge anyone to find a solution to make the entire district free of cars. This could involve smart hubs at the edge of the district, where inhabitants can leave their cars and change for bicycles or emission-free shuttle buses. This would come with its own set of challenges, waiting for a smart solution.

While the main goal of the programme is to test mobility solutions together with an influential partner, Mobility Lab offers more. Judges will select a group of 15 startups and match them with one of their launching customers. This not only gives startup an opportunity to run a pilot, but Mobility Lab will also provide guidance by seasoned experts to give startups solid advice on how to run their pilot. That is not all, startups will also gain valuable insights on how to handle their ever-important marketing and PR. Meanwhile, the launching partner will cover the costs of the pilot.

Join successful startups like Felyx and Cargoroo

With a set-up like that, it is no wonder Mobility Lab has helped several startups to bring their idea to market, by providing an initial testing ground and launching partner. You may have seen, or even used, the electric scooters of Felyx. After running a successful pilot with Mobility Lab in 2018, they went on to secure big funding and were able to get their product on the road. Their scooters can currently be found in four major cities in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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Last year, Cargoroo was among the 14 startups that got selected by Mobility Lab to run a pilot. Their electric cargo bikes are the transportation solution that fills the gap between cars and bicycles. Anyone can find a bike through their app and grab one when moving parcels, furniture or their kids through the city. Cargoroo, which secured 700k in funding, got to run their pilot in The Hague. Currently, you can still see inhabitants of this city zooming around on their bikes, carrying kids and cargo across the city.

Any good idea is welcome

The programme is open to anyone, startups can come from anywhere. Testing, however, will mostly be done in the southern parts of The Netherlands, around the areas of Rotterdam, The Hague, and North Brabant and Limburg. And even though there are several challenges set out, the programme welcomes any idea to improve mobility. Especially ideas that focus specifically on sustainability or inclusivity of transport can have an impact like startup Scoozy proved when they participated in 2017. Their personal means of transport allows everyone to navigate outside safely and independently. 

Image credit: Mobility Lab

Register now, applications close on February 28th

If your startup is working on a product that is about to transform or improve the way we get around? Then it is time to buckle up. Don’t just talk about your idea. Develop it into a product and get it out into the real world. Signing up for Mobility Lab is a fast track to get your idea to the market. So sign up now, registration closes on February 28th.

This article is produced in collaboration with Mobility Lab. Read more about our partnering opportunities.

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