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Mobile food distribution held for tornado victims in Dexter

DEXTER, Mo. (WSIL) — In response to the EF-2 tornado that damaged nearly 700 homes in Dexter, Missouri, a local church held a food distribution for residents in need.

At Lighthouse Church, dozens of cars picked up boxes filled with food like cereal, vegetables, water, and more.

This mobile food drive was organized along with Southeast Missouri Food Bank and Hope International delivered the food.

News 3 spoke to a few residents who say they were picking up food for themselves or neighbor whose home was hit by Saturday’s tornado.

One family told News 3 they were without power for over 72 hours and couldn’t believe all the damage she saw outside.

“I walked out and I wanted to cry because there was a tree in front of us. The neighbors in front of me, her and here two boys, they got a trampoline and a pool and tree was toppled over on top of them and I thought, ‘wow, I can’t believe that’s all that’s left.’ I seen lights and heard sirens, people crying… I mean, it was scary,” said Teri Bright.

Residents also tell News 3 they are thankful for this event and right now everyone is lending a helping hand to each other by assisting with clean-ups and donating food.

Other organization like Veteran-led group, Team Rubicon, is helping the rest of the week with removing trees and debris from homes.

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