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Metro Denver police raid suspected hallucinogenic drug factory in Commerce City house – The Denver Post

Metro Denver drug agents wearing respirators and protective white suits raided a suburban Commerce City house Sunday night, saying they suspected residents inside were manufacturing a hallucinogenic drug called DMT — which indigenous healers use for spiritual awakening.

The police worked inside and outside the house at 9861 Kenton Circle collecting samples for lab tests. A South Adams Fire crew stood by.

A patrol officer received a tip around 5 p.m. Sunday that men in the house were making drugs, and the North Metro Task Force launched an investigation, Commerce City Police Cmdr. Robert Rentfrow said.

Police suspected residents were manufacturing dimethyltryptamine, Rentfrow said.

This is a drug that occurs naturally in plants and is one of the active constituents in ayahuasca. Amazonian healers for hundreds of years have prized ayahuasca plants and use them for spiritual awakening. While ayahuasca plants aren’t illegal in the United States, the federal government has banned DMT as a Schedule I drug along with heroin and ecstasy

Police declined to say whether they’d made arrests.  A man living nearby said three men moved into the house about five months ago.

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