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Meet Funnel, an E-Logistics Startup that Helps Online Sellers Deliver to Buyers

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Funnel is an e-logistics company that has created a product to help manufacturers and e-commerce platforms move their deliverables from the point of sale to the customers as seamlessly as possible.

Setting delivery times

We did a study of the logistics startup platform and model, and here is what we found.

Funnel’s major product is a shipping API that can be integrated into any of the major e-commerce platforms. With the API on your trading platform, people shopping can get to pick one of the major courier companies on the Funnel network to deliver the products they bought.

This way, sellers can add the cost of delivery to the amount at checkout.

Courier Services on the Funnel network

From the available list, people who buy on the e-commerce web or mobile application can choose which courier service they want for their delivery based on prices and other factors peculiar to them.

“We have created a product for everyone: from entrepreneurs selling their goods on social media; to eCommerce platforms; to anyone really that needs to get a document/parcel delivered from one location to another.” website.

With each e-commerce platform that uses the Funnel API, the courier companies get a wider range of customers for their delivery services.

Parcel delivery using Funnel

On Funnel’s mobile application, individuals and organizations can also send parcels and documents by selecting the pickup and drop-off locations of their choice.

“Our mission is simple: create more options for users and providers of delivery services, provide technology tools that helps reduce the cost of managing the fulfillment process significantly, increase awareness and visibility into the availability and cost of courier services respectively, and foster healthy competition between courier companies to enhance service delivery across the industry.”

Funnel Logistics

The courier companies available on the logistics platform include NIPOST, DHL and EMS. However, not all forms of goods are acceptable for delivery using it’s shipping API, a list of the prohibited goods can be found here.

With the Funnel API handling their delivery, entrepreneurs and e-commerce business owners can now focus on the core of their business (growth and profitability) without the distractions that come with logistics.

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