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Mean Pontiac Trans Am Restomod Gets The Power It Deserved From The Factory

This 1975 Trans Am restomod on Bring a Trailer has a 461ci V8 with an Edelbrock intake manifold and Tremec five-speed manual transmission.

Amid today’s modern muscle car wars, Detroit’s Big Three have produced some awesome cars. But as great as the Shelby Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, and Chargers might be, the original muscle car era produced many more classics. A large reason for that fact is that many companies have been shuttered, from Pontiac to Mercury to AMC and more. Every so often, rumors swirl that, for example, General Motors could revive Pontiac to produce a variant of the Camaro — but they never seem to pan out. In the meantime, anyone who needs a Pontiac but doesn’t think these muscle cars ever left the factory with enough power can go right ahead and bid on this 1975 Trans Am restomod currently listed on the auction website Bring a Trailer.

Heart Of The Build

Pontiac Trans Am Restomod 4

via Bring a Trailer

Closely related to the third-gen Camaro, this era of Pontiac Trans Am is most famous for appearing in the film Smokey and the Bandit with Burt Reynolds. But the sad truth is that a build like this only gives the car the kind of power it deserved. Under the hood, a beastly 461ci V8 has been installed along with an Edelbrock intake manifold, an aluminum radiator, and a Tremec five-speed manual gearbox.

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The Best Of The Rest

Pontiac Trans Am Restomod 2

via Bring a Trailer

The build is far too comprehensive to fully list here, but other mechanical highlights include ceramic-coated headers, a heavily upgraded suspension system from Detroit Speed Inc, a custom rack-and-pinion steering setup, and coilovers all around. The exterior was also repainted in dark blue, while a custom hood and matching rear spoiler have been installed.

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Creature Comforts

Pontiac Trans Am Restomod 3

via Bring a Trailer

On the interior, a Formula steering wheel fronts a custom gauge cluster including displays for oil pressure and coolant temp. Amenities include power windows, aftermarket sound, and Vintage Air climate control. Bidding already sits at $45,197 with six days remaining until the final gavel.

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