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Man sentenced in meth distribution case

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SANDPOINT — A Bonner County man will spend at least two years in prison for a count of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Jared Marcel Ary, 40, accepted a Rule 11 plea agreement on Tuesday. As per the plea, all three other charges were dropped including four additional charges from a different case against Ary.

In a Rule 11 plea agreement, both the prosecution and defense agree on what a potential sentence should be, usually in exchange for a guilty plea from the defendant. The judge has the option to follow or deny the agreement. If the judge doesn’t follow the agreement, the defendant can withdraw their guilty plea.

On Aug. 11 Ary was found by Bonner County Sheriff’s deputies at a residence on Poirier Road in Blanchard. Ary, along with two others were found loading an SUV onto a trailer before deputies commanded them to stop. After a brief standoff, Ary was apprehended with two grams of heroin on his person. Also discovered in the search was 82.62 grams of methamphetamine and $211. Ary was booked into Bonner County Jail on $200,000 bail.

Ary’s bond was reduced to $50,000 on Sept. 20.

Six months earlier on Feb. 8, Ary was pulled over by deputies for a partially broken taillight. K9 Officer Nova was deployed and alerted deputies to the presence of narcotics.

During the search, 10.27 grams of methamphetamine was found along with 1.9 grams of marijuana, court paperwork with Ary’s name on it, a rifle, paraphernalia, and a cell phone.

Both cases were combined together for sentencing together in court. On Tuesday, First District Judge Barbara Buchanan handed down a 2-to 10 year sentence. Ary was given 105 days credit for time served, and was ordered to pay $574 in court costs and Idaho State Police reimbursement fees.

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