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Maharashtra Government makes it mandatory for procurement of essential Covid medicines from Haffkine Corporation

Maharashtra Government has approved the procurement of essential medicines under Covid-19 measures by the government medical colleges and hospitals and other undertakings from Haffkine Corporation. The government has made it mandatory and issued a notification on Friday for the same. The government in the supplementary demands approved during the monsoon session has earmarked Rs 300 crore for the purchase of essential medicines, surgical gadgets, chemicals, and other equipment.

Of the Rs 300 crore, the government last month had allotted Rs 53.73 crore for Covid-19 hospitals (non-ICU and ICU). However, after the recommendation of the Directorate of Medical Education the government has made an allocation of Rs 107.47 crore for the procurement.

The government in the notification said it will be the responsibility of the Directorate of Medical Education to periodically check the requirement of medicines, surgical gadgets, chemicals, and other equipment needed by government colleges, hospitals, and undertakings.

The Directorate will also check three tenders from the producers/suppliers for the supply in a given time period. The government medical colleges, hospitals, and undertakings will take due care for the immediate use of medicines, surgical gadgets, chemicals, and other equipment and they will also see that they do not remain unused for a longer time. They will have to avoid duplication of procurement.

The government’s moves when the public health department has issued an advisory to district collectors and municipal commissioners to further take additional measures to combat the virus in the wake of the second Covid-19 wave. On Friday, 5,640 new cases and 155 deaths were reported and since early this week, cases are on the rise.

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