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Magical Holiday Popcorn Pail from The Popcorn Factory

This holiday season, we’ll be tempted to eat everything in sight, but be sure to leave some room for Magical Holiday Popcorn Pail from The Popcorn Factory!

November and December are the months where our diet goes out the window and we begin munching on every dish and snack we can get our hands on. Hey, we’re not here to judge at all. Don’t forget, our name is Guilty Eats for a reason! Instead of spreading shame for forgetting about your New Year goal (because, let’s be honest, those rarely make it to February, anyway), we’re here to suggest a fun and holiday-spirit packed snack from The Popcorn Factory.

I’ve been reviewing The Popcorn Factory products all year as they always kindly send their latest and most delicious goodies my way for me to sample. Sure, not all of them have been winners in my book, but that’s why Guilty Eats is here — to suggest the best of the best and warn against the rest!

Recently, we shared how much we loved the Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler from Cheryl’s Cookies. If you haven’t checked that out, keep up! And today, we have another champion in the snack aisle: Magical Holiday Popcorn Pail from The Popcorn Factory.

This adorable pail is too cute! It makes a perfect gift to have delivered to a loved one near or far (ideal for those last-minute Christmas shoppers)! The decor is a red bow around it with a simple snowman and Christmas tree tag at the center. I love how the ribbon bow and tag are perfect for the season, but also easily removable. This way, you can use the pail as decoration (or whatever else you’d like) after the holiday season. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Inside the pail is popcorn! But not just any popcorn, Holiday Cookie Dough Popcorn!  Now, I have to note how I taste caramel more than anything else, but the aftertaste does leave you that “cookie dough” flavor. I believe it’s in the white icing, which, by the way, gives off a really happy holiday vibe paired with the red and green sprinkles.

Magical Holiday Popcorn Pail

Photo: Magical Holiday Popcorn Pail from The Popcorn Factory.. Photo by Sandy Casanova

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You can find more details and order a 15.2 oz Holiday Cookie Dough Corn Pail for yourself, HERE. Get into the Christmas spirit with it as a snack while you put up your holiday decor! And be sure you have it present at any holiday parties you throw (also a great gift to your boss at work or party host).

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