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Local businesses feeling the pinch from supply chain shortages

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – If you’re having a hard time getting the items you need this holiday season, you’re not alone. Plenty of business are feeling the effects in their inventory due to supply chain issues.

Supply shortages and increased price tags have taken a toll on our everyday lives but experts say it could even impact holiday shopping.

Black Friday is around the corner but with business struggling to get their inventory your favorite places may not have what you want in stock.

“So, demand spiked and supply was at an all-time low so you have a gap there and I think that’s what we’ve been fighting,” explained FSU Professor of Supply Chain Management Larry Giunipero.

Professor Giunipero says this gap is doing the most damage to local businesses.

“The smaller retailers have less power and the supply chain phases are longer and will make them face a lot more shortages,” said Giunipero.

Local businesses like Nic’s Toggery, a 70-year staple in Tallahassee say they’re feeling some of these supply shortages.

“Yeah we’ve had trouble getting in let’s say specifically white shirts. We have a vendor that we sell a lot of their white shirts, well they were all out of white shirts for like a month and that’s a main shirt that we do,” shared Nic’s Toggery Co-Owner George Gavalas.

Gavalas says they’ve had to make changes in how they order to serve their customers.

“Where we normally say we carry a couple sizes in a blazer we are now ordering 4 or 5 and just make sure we have the inventory because we know we’re going to either sell it now or sell it a little bit later but at least we have it,” Gavalas stated.

These supply chains woes may even lead to less lucrative deals for Black Friday shoppers.

“I think fewer doorbusters or shallower discounts on those doorbusters and when you’re in that store you’re going to see higher prices just like we see at the supermarket now,” predicts Giunipero.

But places like Nic’s Toggery say they’re going to ensure they have what you need ready and in stock.

“We won’t really per say have as much deals as there is out there but we’re going to have food inventory and we’re going to be stocked and we’re going to have sizes and you know when they come in,” said Gavalas. “They’re going to be able to hopefully find what they need and put something together so they can have a good Christmas time.”

Professor Giunipero says he does expect these supply chain woes to improve after this holiday season.

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