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Lip Factory creates bespoke lipstick while you wait

Lipstick is a personal thing – you generally don’t just slap on any ol’ color that’s close at hand. The Lip Factory system takes that concept to the extreme, by creating customer-specific lipstick on the spot.

Created by Korean company Amorepacific, the system consists of the Lip Factory machine itself, and the Color Tailor app. Utilizing artificial intelligence-based algorithms, the cloud-connected app analyzes a photo of the user’s face, determining which specific shade of lipstick would best suite their features and complexion.

The machine takes over from there, utilizing the app’s recommendation to mix and match various pigments for the desired result – over 2,000 different shades are possible. Once the finished product is dispensed, the client can purchase it.

Amorepacific's Lip Factory demo in Seoul

Amorepacific’s Lip Factory demo in Seoul


The setup isn’t something that would sit in people’s homes, but is instead intended to be stationed at salons or other commercial venues. A demo unit has already been in service at Amorepacific’s flagship Amore Seongsu store in the city of Seoul, since last August.

Plans now call for the app algorithm to be refined, followed by a wider roll-out.

The Lip Factory is the recipient of a CES 2021 Innovation Award.

Source: Amorepacific

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