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Letter: Health care distributors are the backbone of health supply chain | Letters To The Editor

To the editor:

Communities and families across New Hampshire have all felt the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Economic turmoil, health concerns and uncertainty have changed our lives drastically, and in an instant. I feel for residents across our state and nation, as well as for our government officials dedicated to overcoming this virus.

New Hampshire has been largely successful in containing the spread of COVID-19 compared to most other states. And that is directly related to the leadership of our government officials and the swift actions of our residents.

It’s something we should all be proud of and continue to strive for.

Our state’s resilience can also be attributed to the dedicated work of our health care system. Doctors, hospitals and first responders have not just rallied to care for those suffering from COVID-19 but also those with other medical conditions.

With the strong backing of health care distributors, our medical professionals have had access to the medications and treatments needed to properly care for patients — all in the face of unprecedented uncertainty and demand within our health care sector.

Health care distributors have been critical to our state’s ability to respond to the pandemic. As the backbone and logistics arm of the health supply chain, they have worked around-the-clock to ensure our health facilities have the tools they need to care for all patients — no matter their condition.

James Burr


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