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“Last year we handled 58 million kg of airfreight inbound and around 5000 outbound”

17 years ago, Mike Parr started Perishable Movement Ltd (PML), over the years the company has grown quickly and now has a 64,000 ft2 temperature-controlled warehouse and a 200 pallet freezer on site at Heathrow.

This year has already seen a few changes at the company, with half million pounds investment PML have re-branded and updated the website to give a more modern look to the company.

“Our old branding had a wing on it, so people thought we were just airfreight, we want to get the message out that we also do road and sea freight,” explained Nick Finbow, Sales Director at PML.

“The big news is our six new trailers; we took delivery of them last week. They are reefer roller bed trailers with electronic rollers, so no human interaction is required for loading or off-loading. They are motorised so all the driver has to do is push a button and off they come, they use gel in the engines instead of gas so are much more environmentally friendly. They can also keep temperature when the doors are open, so you don’t get the peaks and troughs in temperatures and goods arrive fully chilled.”

Trailers are replaced every 3 years as standard and with Fruit Logistica coming up the time was right for a re-brand.

“With the re-brand and new trailers, we thought, let’s do it properly and have a stand at Berlin for the first time. It has been a great success for us, a chance to showcase what we do.”

PML are also updating the whole facility and trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The whole facility has LED lighting which also reduces our cost which we may be able to pass on to our customers, we have also updated the refrigeration units which are now more energy efficient. Last year we handled 58 million kg of airfreight inbound and around 5000 outbound. Imported products are fruit, vegetables, meats and fish, exports can be anything from lamb carcasses to ice cream.”

“99% of our goods are perishable products. We specialise in perishables goods unlike some of the multi-nationals who maybe have a division, but the question is do they offer a perishable service? Everything we do is geared up for temperature control. Around four years a go we opened a packing facility for ASDA at Heathrow. We packed 29 million units of product last year, it arrives on day one and is in the store on day two. It has really shortened the chain and means they don’t have to hold so much stock, so freshness to the customer goes up.”

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