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Kleinschmidt EDI Services Now Available in Tailwind Transportation Management System (TMS) Software

Tailwind Transportation Software and electronic data interchange (EDI) technology provider, Kleinschmidt are pleased to announce a new integration and technology partnership. Access to Kleinschmidt’s EDI network is now available in Tailwind’s completely web-based ‘Unlimited’ TMS. If you’re a small to mid-sized transportation company that has lost business because some of your larger shippers require you to support EDI Document exchange, the Tailwind and Kleinschmidt partnership may be your solution.

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“We’re excited to bring our freight transportation EDI experience to the Tailwind TMS platform,” says Phil Johnson, Director of Marketing at Kleinschmidt. “With the Kleinschmidt B2B network powering the EDI component of the Tailwind Unlimited TMS, Tailwind users are now natively EDI-capable – allowing them to seamlessly exchange digital freight documents with their customers and shippers directly within the Tailwind platform. Up-and-coming freight transportation companies using the Tailwind TMS can now leverage our decades of experience and wide array of supply chain connectivity solutions to open new doors and easily navigate the intricacies of the complex digital freight process.”

“Our new integration with Kleinschmidt provides a crucial segment of our customer base the ability to bridge the gap that’s generally reserved for complex enterprise solutions,” Kyle Shaw, Director of Product Design and Delivery at Tailwind says, “and this allows small to mid-size players an unsurpassed ability to compete with the big outfits who can afford to spend hundreds of thousands on their TMS.”

Tailwind Unlimited customers will benefit from new capabilities enabled by the integration with Kleinschmidt, such as:

New markets. EDI is far and away the most common business language facilitating electronic document exchange across the globe – opening doors to new and larger contracts for Tailwind TMS customers

Streamlined workflows. EDI users will not need to perform any duplicate data entry, and documents will be automatically generated as part of the normal workflow.

Open access to an expansive B2B network. By leveraging Kleinschmidt’s decades of freight transportation and logistics EDI experience, complex onboarding of a new EDI trading partners becomes streamlined and simple.

Automating paper-based tasks. By eliminating paperwork, the system allows your team members to concentrate on higher-value activities and provides them with tools to be more productive.

Automated data exchange. Increasing speed and accuracy between applications across a supply chain can ensure that business-critical data can be managed and tracked in real time, and that your company can benefit from improved cash–flow and reduced order-to-cash cycles.

Altogether, using these features from Kleinschmidt EDI will enhance your business transactions’ accuracy, speed, and efficacy. Learn more about these new opportunities and streamline your transportation company operations by booking a time with a Tailwind Customer Success team member, or reserve your space for the October 28th webinar: Using Kleinschmidt EDI in the Tailwind TMS.

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