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Kinnetik Solutions’ Zero-Cost Offering Takes e-Procurement by Storm



The Maritime Executive

2019-12-09 15:38:51

Kinnetik Solutions AS, announced today a major change in its popular e-Procurement application, the KinnetikBuyer. Starting January 2020, any shipping company in the world of any fleet size may integrate KinnetikBuyer into its procurement platform free of charge and transform it into a complete e-Procurement application.

Ché Geldard, founder and CEO of Kinnetik Solutions, stated: “Our corporate mission always revolved around transparency & simplicity; we founded this company with the purpose of bridging effectively the systemic gap between shipping companies and their suppliers around the world.  We don’t believe in charging procurement departments for functionality that has already been paid, just out of routine because this kind of thinking leads inevitably to stagnation. We push ourselves and our clients to demand new functionality and more innovation! Simplicity, predictability and transparency are the principles we commit to. Kinnetik Solutions is setting today an ethical standard for the industry, one which defines that sustainable growth must come from justified client purchases.”

KinnetikBuyer, the flagship product of Kinnetik Solutions for shipping companies, is a cloud application that automates all five steps of the purchasing process rapidly and gets the right product at the right price, place and time. It fully integrates with the existing procurement platform and from January 2020 with no licenses fees or percentage charges it comes totally free for an unlimited number of transactions (RFQ, Quote, PO, POC), users, trading ships and supplier connections.

Thanasis Giamas, marketing director of Kinnetik Solutions, commented: ” As far as I am aware this is the first time a marine software application of this level is being given with a totally unobstructed access for free! To put it simply, shipping companies of considerable fleet sizes paying currently six or even seven-digit figures per year for their e-procurement, can now see huge savings without sacrificing any functionality. It’s like finding an unexpected 100K$ prize in their 2020 budget for procurement to invest on other resources… human or technical!”


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