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Kids volunteer to distribute food to families in Lamont

Dozens of kids and teens helped hand out food Friday morning at the Lamont Food Distribution.

The program helps local families who are having trouble making ends meet during the slow employment season.

Friday’s distribution comes two week after three teens were killed in a vineyard in Lamont.

Jose Gozales with the Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce says getting kids involved in this project provides a good outlet for them so they don’t turn to negative activities like drugs or violence.

“It’s very unforturnate when we lose young people who have the rest of their lives ahead of them and this is why these type of events are important,” he said. “When we put on things that get kids involved in positive things that bring the community together, things that build character, things that help their neighbors friends and family members.”

Volunteers along with students from Arvin, Independence and Golden Valley high schools helped pass out more 11,000 pounds of food.

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