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“Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful” encourages recycling your winter boat wrap

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The unofficial start of summer is almost upon us. With Mother Nature finally getting the memo on warmer temperatures this weekend, plenty of people will want to take their boat out for a spin on the lake, the river or in some cases this week, maybe your front lawn.

First, however, you may need to pull off that winter shrink wrap — and Adam Cassi with Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful says to think twice about tossing it in the trash.

“You take it off your boat every single year, and throw it in the dumpster,” says Cassi. “It’s estimated that 20,000 tons of it is just sent to landfills every year nationwide.”

Much like KT/LCB did last fall with collecting Halloween candy wrappers, they want to do something similar with hard-to-recycle items this season.

“This material, there’s just so, so much of it,” Cassi explains. “It is a large undertaking to collect all of that wrap… do the right thing. After that wrap is done protecting your boat, help us protect the environment.”

The group just wants the plastic wrap, and none of the extra stuff tying it down such as nylon straps and zippers. For ease of pickup, Cassi recommends that “marinas collect the wrap and bring it to us in bulk, but we’ll take individuals as well. We don’t want to turn anybody away.”

Sometimes you may think you’ll never see your recycling again, but in this case, the material could actually save lives. As Cassi explains it: “It’ll be recycled here in Ohio, to actually be turned into guardrails… so it’ll come back and help protect us on the highway.”

Any marinas wishing to take part in bulk pickup can call the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District at 419-213-2230. Click here for instructions on how to properly bundle/recycle your wrap.

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