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Job seekers take heart, recruitment is on the rise

Recruitment is up by 7% in July when compared to June  according to the CareerJunction Index (CJI) Executive Summary report.

The report, powered byCareer Junction’s comprehensive data through its website, presents a picture of South Africa’s labour market dynamics by outlining the supply and demand within the online job market.

Trending jobs

According to data from online job market to form trends, the following positions were popular and saw a spike in demand in July:

  • team leader/supervisor
  • systems/network administration
  • nursing professional care giving.

Like in June, recruiters’ sought after skill-sets include software development, middle management and representative/ sales consulting.

Growing employment sectors

Positive employment trends based on online demand and hiring activities highlight five sectors. The sectors that showed high demand in June, continued to grow in July. These include:

  • medical and health
  • information technology
  • business and management
  • sales
  • finance.

Demand decreases

Similar patterns to June can be seen with professionals in ICT, architecture, engineering and cleaning, maintenance & repair sectors still feeling the effects of the nationwide lockdown. The notable decrease in hiring activity is still showing no signs of recovery.

On the upside, CareerJunction is seeing the first signs of recovery for those in admin, sales and marketing. The demand for these professionals is slowly on the rise.

Hiring activity is growing

Medical and health professionals are in demand – infact the demand has almost doubled in comparison to May. Also, the number of organisations wanting to hire suitable candidates within marketing, warehousing & logistics and manufacturing & assembly has seen notable growth.The growth is estimated to be more than 40% when compared to May.

Competitive market  for job seekers

July provided a more competitive job market for job seekers when compared to June. The CJI has determined that the current job market scores99 on the CJI index, which is a fair difference to June which scored a lower labour score of 90.

However, this score is still below 100, whichmeans that there is still increased competition within the online job market for job seekers,as well as less job opportunities for them.

A score over 100 would indicate a healthier market for job seekers, with the demand for employment outweighing the supply.

The CareerJunction Index (CJI) Executive Summary report is available for download here.

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