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Is New York’s vaccine distribution plan the best plan?

(WETM)- The vaccine rollout distribution plan that Governor Cuomo has in place starts off as we know with our essential workers and after that is the elderly community, which seems like a good plan to some. 

Ken Roberts, system director of marketing, communications & community relations for Arnot Health says, “we need to protect our healthcare workforce first so that we have people to care for those people that are sick…And I think the progression of moving to the elderly people with pre-existing health conditions makes sense.” 

The consensus that frontline workers should be vaccinated first seems to be agreeable, however some people aren’t sure that elderly people should be next because they are not the super spreaders.  

Dr. Jake Deutsch, co-founder and clinical director of Cure Urgent Care centers in NYC says, “It’s great to vaccinate our seniors. Of course we need to protect them. But, you know, that’s really not the super spreaders right now they’re behaving well they’re staying at home. You know, they may be confined to home rollout in large capacity to the young people who are not behaving as well as they should, because it’s not enforced, and who have the voice that can spread that information.” 

Another reason why the younger population should be next is because they can wait in line for hours. That’s a big factor for the 70 plus community who can’t be expected to be out in January sitting outside, waiting to get a vaccine. Some of them aren’t even able to leave their households. 

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