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Indian IoT startup, Zenatix, launches Covid 19 solution to ensure safety and compliance at workplace

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Zenatix, an IoT based automation & asset management solutions Startup and a portfolio company of Hero Electronix – the Hero Group’s venture into the technology space announces the launch of IoT solutions ZenSafe and ZenMonitor to enable businesses to resume operations safely. The IoT based solutions offer real-time monitoring and alert system to ensure safety and compliance at the workplace and for the foot soldiers engaged in providing e-Commerce, logistics and home services in an automated manner without the need for human intervention.

ZenSafe is a cloud-connected three-in-one contactless employee safety and attendance solution for employees and visitors entering a workspace or a business. It uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology for attendance and access control, and seamlessly interfaces with existing HR systems over cloud APIs. ZenSafe also features contactless IR technology for measuring the body temperature of a person, and warns if the person is not wearing a mask. Given touch-based attendance systems will no longer be in use, and there are challenges with manual monitoring of body temperature, ZenSafe automates the process with 100% auditable data logs.

ZenMonitor is an early detection body temperature monitoring solution for a large field force who typically are not screened for fever at workspaces or offices. The solution includes a cloud connected arm band which is worn on upper biceps, and transmits real time body temperature data to cloud via the person’s mobile phone. ZenMonitor raises alarms for persons having fever so that organizations can take appropriate quarantine decisions immediately. The businesses can also show the real time temperature of their personnel to their end customers, and give them comfort that they are being served in a safe manner.

Commenting on the launch, Rahul Bhalla, CEO and co-founder, Zenatix remarks “We have seen our existing customers struggle with implementing safety measures as it requires extensive training, and there is no consistency across their workplaces and workforce. At Zenatix, we are always developing solutions that automate processes using IoT, thus ensuring accuracy and consistency at a large scale. Both ZenSafe and ZenMonitor are meant for Indian businesses that are restarting operations but are either worried or struggling with ensuring the health safety of their workforce. ”

As businesses gradually resume operations in a cautious manner, ensuring the safety of their employees and customers while preventing the spread of COVID-19 is the top priority. India has over 60 million SME’s businesses providing employment to over 460 million people. The food services industry alone on the other hand employees over 7 million people including millions of delivery boys.

Most of these businesses currently lack any tech-based solutions at their disposal designed to contain the spread of COVID-19. With ZenSafe, ZenMonitor, and ZenShield (launched earlier), businesses can now ensure that they recover from the lockdown impact and more importantly ensure that COVID-19 doesn’t adversely impact their business continuity. Owing to the lockdown, businesses are estimated to have lost anywhere between 10%-90% of their revenues and over 100 million Indian jobs are at risk.

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