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IBM: Leading Advancements in Supply Chain

The increasing pace of globalization is making our realms smaller and more connected than ever before. In this globalized world, the provision of goods and services is no longer bound with geography. With that, ideally, our supply chain and logistics eco-system should be more robust than ever before. 

However, our billion-dollar supply chain industry has grown increasingly complex and chaotic. The sector is crippled with paperwork, lack of transparency, slow and manual processes alongside the absence of any major technological shift. 

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada

But, now with emerging technologies like blockchain and IoT, we have a chance to completely redefine the outdated methods of this industry. In fact, companies have already started exploring the potential of applying smart innovations into the supply chain sector. 

The initiative to empower the supply chain industry by employing modern technologies has taken by the tech giant IBM

IBM’s Supply Chain Initiative

IBM has taken leadership to combine Watson’s A.I and IBM’s blockchain to create an integrated and disruptive supply chain sector. The Sterling Supply Chain Suite offers a platform to build smarter, and more efficient supply chains by taking advantage of the latest technologies. 

The platform allows different parties including managers, retailers, and distributors to integrate the data, business networks, as well as supply chain processes. In return, the stakeholders can leverage the benefits of such emerging technologies. This eco-system will enable intelligent and self-automated supply chain systems with greater reliability, enhanced transparency, and data security. 

With the launch of the sterling supply chain suite, IBM provides a hybrid cloud platform, which further allows businesses to formulate distinctive solutions catering to their needs. By connecting critical business networks and optimizing data, it intends to completely transform the supply chain processes. 

Advancing Technological Innovations While Keeping Women at Forefront

Most of you know that IBM is recognized for developing futuristic solutions by leveraging the latest technological innovations. Notably, the tech giant also holds a special place for advancing women in the business and technological space. The firm, known for its diversity and inclusion in workspaces, has won its fourth catalyst award for its efforts to help advance women in business. 

IBM has always believed in keeping women at the forefront, especially in technological leadership roles. In fact, just recently, Jeanette Barlow, VP Strategy & Offering Management of Sterling Supply Chain Suite received the Women’s Leadership in Supply Chain Award.

In its vision to bring equality in the workspace, the firm launched a pledge #beequal at its conference this year in 2019. It further proves its motive to bring diversity and creating an inclusive workspace for all. 

Blockchain jobs in United States and Canada

Sterling Supply Chain Suite Innovations

The open and integrated platform, that connects to a supplier’s eco-system, includes benefits and innovations as listed below

  • Trusted Connectivity- The initiative focuses on establishing frictionless connectivity between the collaborating parties including customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Real-Time Intelligence- The applications of sterling supply chain suite, embedded with blockchain and A.I. will provide real time alerts. This further enables end-to-end visibility for processes and automated actions, which in turn drives better outcomes for the clients.
  • Tailor-Made Solutions for Developers- The program allows developers to build unique and effective solutions by leveraging modern technological innovations. Further, it allows uniting third-party apps and data with its software so that each member can take advantage of it.
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration- The suite’s software is developed such that it requires minimal efforts to integrate it with the existing supply chain data or projects. Clients do not need to shift workloads or migrate the applications and data. The Sterling suite software blends into the existing software and systems. 

Concluding Remarks

Our conventional supply chain system methods are complex and long-since outdated. In need of dire innovations, a combination of A.I., IoT, and blockchain can be a game-changing. IBM is leading the way into developing a robust and advanced supply chain solution. Overall, the initiative is a great step towards creating a reformation in our globalized worlds. 

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