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How To Restart & Factory Reset A Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart TVs provide so many settings that they can get confusing, but when encountering issues with the TV, a factory reset is an option.

The settings menu on a Samsung smart TV can be complicated and trying to do a factory reset on these devices might seem like more of a chore than it’s worth if the user doesn’t know where the option is. However, understanding how the TV works and how to navigate the interface is important and especially when it comes to maintenance tasks that can improve the overall experience.

Smart TVs from Samsung are capable of even more than typical smart display monitors. However, there are still times when Samsung TVs stop functioning the way they should, and simply turning them off and back on again no longer fixes an issue. Fortunately, Samsung offers various solutions within the TV itself. However, as these TVs have evolved to become more advanced, and even weather-proof, so have their settings, making fixing the TV more of a complicated task than it should be.

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Whenever things go awry with a smart TV, owners usually attempt to fix it by immediately doing a factory reset. While that could resolve the issue, Samsung encourages owners to use it only as a last resort as it might not even be necessary. The company’s support page recommends going over the TV’s numerous self-diagnosis tools first, which can be accessed by opening the Settings, then selecting the Support option. From there, owners will need to select the Device Care option before finally navigating to the Self Diagnosis sub-menu, which gives access to several tests. These tests should help owners in determining and fixing many problems.

Restoring A Samsung Smart TV To Factory Settings

If none of the tests were able to resolve the issue, then owners might want to consider doing a full factory reset. The process itself is as easy as enabling Bluetooth, as the Reset option can be found at the bottom of the General tab, under the Settings menu. Doing so also requires entering a PIN – unless modified by the user the default PIN is usually “0000.” Of course, keep in mind that restoring the entire TV to its factory settings will delete all the user-defined changes that have been made.

If only internet connection and Smart Hub issues are present, users can do a reset without affecting the rest of the TV, by picking the Reset Smart Hub option found in the same Self Diagnosis sub-menu mentioned above. While this won’t affect the entire TV, it will delete all accounts linked to it. Alternatively, if the issue lies only within the display and audio areas, users can also factory reset them individually. This can be done by picking either Picture or Sound in the Settings menu, then selecting the Reset option found under the Expert Settings tab. Given the myriad of options in identifying and fixing specific problems using just the TV itself, it’s no wonder Samsung smart TVs are regarded as among the best.

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