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Holden man deploys to Texas, Louisiana to help hurricane victims

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – A Holden man is heading to Houston, Texas to help hurricane victims there.

Helmut Koch will tell you, while this isn’t his first volunteer mission, it is the first during a pandemic.

We caught up with him before his flight out of Bangor Monday.

Koch has been volunteering with the Red Cross for eight years.

He’s been on seven other missions following natural disasters.

The seasoned volunteer says he will be bringing food and supplies to the victims.

The Red Cross says thousands in Louisiana and Texas have been affected by Hurricane Laura.

”Just grateful to be going. I’m a little nervous because this is a COVID environment. The Red Cross is going to be operating under different circumstances and there will be a lot to learn, but you’re ready for the challenge,” says Koch.

He says it’s incredibly rewarding to help those in need.

He’ll be heading to the east Texas/Louisiana border where they were the hardest hit.

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