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Headlines: Street Vendor Advocate Gets a Haircut to Show Support; A Doctor Claims DEA is Making Up ‘Rainbow Fentanyl’

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—An SUV containing three women was fired upon multiple times on Monday night in South L.A.’s Chesterfield Square neighborhood, killing a mother of three in the back passenger seat. [KTLA]

—Dr. Ryan Marino claims the DEA is making up the whole “rainbow fentanyl” crisis but the news is covering it anyway. [WokeDoctors]

—Two actors at Friday’s Dodgers game portrayed fans who smiled creepily the whole game in a promotion for a new horror film. [SI]

—Los Angeles is named the third best U.S. city for vegans. [WalletHub]

—Brian Addison offers his take on “the most underrated” restaurants in Long Beach. [Long Beachize]

—The East L.A. Classic High School Football Invitational will be held at the Coliseum next month. [CLCS]

—An L.A. clothes wholesaler has plead guilty to federal criminal charges for undervaluing imported garments to avoid paying almost $6.4 million in customs duties, as well as for doing business with a Mexican woman with connections to the Sinaloa drug cartel. [SDCN]

—The haircut you get when you want to show your support for street vendors. [Edin Alex Enamorado]

—Paula Lind, a woman found beaten to death in her Lancaster home this week, was a probation officer of 16 years. [ABC]

—Why adults still have dreams and nightmares about school. [The Atlantic]

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