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Governor Jared Polis extends takeout alcohol bill

DENVER, Colo. (Press Release) -The bill authorizes a business with a manufacturer or wholesaler license and a sales room, beer and wine license, hotel and restaurant license, tavern license, brew pub license, club license, vintner’s restaurant license, distillery pub license, lodging and entertainment license, or fermented malt beverage on- and off-premises retailer license (retailer) to deliver alcohol beverages to customers and to allow customers to take the beverages off the licensed premises. The beverages may be sold or delivered in a sealed container that complies with state licensing authority rules and may be sold by the drink or by multiple drinks.

The following requirements are also placed on the sale or delivery of alcohol beverages by retailers:

  • The customer must be 21 years of age or older;
  • If the governor has not declared an emergency, or the retailer is not a wholesaler, a manufacturer that operates a sales room, a brew pub, a vintner’s restaurant, or a distillery pub , the order may contain no more than 750 milliliters of vinous liquors and spirituous liquors and no more than 72 fluid ounces of malt liquors, fermented malt beverages, and hard cider;
  • If the governor has not declared an emergency or the retailer is not a wholesaler or manufacturer that operates a sales room, the retailer must derive no more than 50% of its gross annual revenues for sales of food and alcohol beverages from the sale of alcohol beverages through takeout orders and that the retailer delivers;
  • If the governor has not declared an emergency, the retailer must have a permit to sell takeout or deliver alcohol beverages; and
  • Delivery must be made by an employee of the licensee who is 21 years of age or older and who has satisfactorily completed seller and server training under the responsible vendor program.

The bill directs the state licensing authority to adopt rules:

  • Specifying the types of containers to be used for delivery of alcohol beverages;
  • Creating a permit for retailers to engage in takeout and delivery of alcohol beverages;
  • Setting fees for takeout and delivery permits; and
  • Concerning any other matters necessary to implement the bill.

The bill does not apply to caterers and repeals on July 1, 2021 .

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