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GM to confirm Cadillac luxury EV factory today | Automotive Industry News

Lyriq will make its debut with GMs next-generation batteries and EV architecture

Lyriq will make its debut with GM’s next-generation batteries and EV architecture

General Motors reportedly plans to a “major US manufacturing investment announcement” later today (20 October) which US media reports said would include plans to begin building the Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV at the [originally Saturn] Spring Hill, Tennessee plant.

Last Friday, GM head of global manufacturing, Gerald Johnson, said the Lyriq factory would be announced this week, reported.

The report said consulting firm LMC Automotive had predicted the Lyriq, GM’s first electric SUV, would be built in Spring Hill which would make the factory the automaker’s third EV plant.

Spring Hill, GM’s biggest in North America, currently makes Cadillac’s XT5 and XT6 ICE SUVs as well as the GMC and [RHD] Holden Acadia SUVs, noted.

Announcing the Lyriq last August, GM described the EV as the “next chapter” for Cadillac and a “technology spearhead” for the automaker.

Lyriq will make its debut with GM’s next-generation batteries and EV architecture. Executives believe the technologies will rival, if not outperform, anything else on the market, including Tesla, the current global leader in electric vehicle sales.

Also last Friday, GM unveiled plans for its first electric vehicle-only factory, reconfiguring its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center to produce its GMC Hummer EV pickup and other EV models.

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