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Global Women Supply Chain Leaders (GWSCL) 2020 is the first global initiative to honour and shine the spotlight on the dedication, passion and incredible success stories of women within the supply chain industry – cross-domain and from around the world. 

GWSCL begins by showcasing the top women leaders in supply chain today through “100 Most Influential Women in Supply Chain”, whose achievements provide inspiration to the growing number of women in supply chain. With a balanced mix of already recognized executives along with future leaders to look out for, the list is based on selection criteria which ranges from professional achievements to recognition in the industry and impact made on supply chain. 

As rewards should follow recognition, the “Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Award 2020” invites global nominations to highlight the achievements of women in supply chain across various categories. These awards will be decided based on merit and the recommendations of our jury panel of top global women business leaders in the following categories

For more details on nomination categories, closing date for submission and award :

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