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(G)I-DLE’s line distribution for Nxde receives mixed response from netizens

(G)I-DLE’s comeback with Nxde was a much-anticipated release that has unfortunately found itself in troubled waters. Nxde is the title track of the group’s latest album, I love, released on October 17.

The song aimed to break stereotypes in terms of the general understanding of the word ‘nude.’ While it did a great job according to fans, it ended up being targeted for its line distribution disparity. Being a five-member group, leader Soyeon took up a majority of the song, leading to less exposure of the remaining members.

As soon as the music video was released, criticism poured in, criticizing leader Soyeon for the line distribution. They believe that she gave her teammates unfair treatment for Nxde, as she was one of the co-creators of it.

Soyeon is a key producer and lyricist of (G)I-DLE. It is one of the things that makes the girl group stand out as a self-producing female idol group. However, a group of fans were quick to defend the leader.

(G)I-DLE finally makes a comeback with Nxde, fans upset with line distribution

(G)I-DLE is one of the most promising fourth-generation K-pop groups. They have cemented their status as a bold quintet that does not shy away from experimenting with new concepts. This was seen in their latest comeback, I love, which pushed the boundaries of the meaning of nudity, beauty, and choice.

With the concept, outfits, and song being a successful comeback decision, the number of lines given to each member has become a topic of controversy once again. Some (G)I-DLE fans were upset at seeing Soyeon (leader, producer, lyricist) getting the majority of lines while others were only given the chorus part.

On social media forums such as Pann Nate and Reddit, comments regarding Soyeon’s unfair distribution of lines began popping up after Nxde was released. The leader apparently sang around half of the song, including the intro, outro, and raps. This disparity led to many being upset with the leader and calling her out for not giving her teammates an equal opportunity to shine.

Additionally, fans of Miyeon also raised concerns. They shared that Miyeon could hardly come across as the main vocalist when she was given short lines.

@neviecutie Out of 14 songs that credited soyeon as its arrangement, 9 of it has her as the member with the most line distribution. Even nxde, that I thought has the fairest line distribution turnout it didn’t. So tell me who’s trolling here.

as a miyeon biased i also wished she had more lines i do think that some parts could have fit her but that’s not a reason to talk sht about soyeon especially since the girls are discussing this together y all make it seem like soyeon is distributing the parts alone

There are many hot topics on korean complaining about how little Miyeon’s lines and screentime is. I dont feel any excited abt this cb, i don even want to what the mv or listen to the alb, im just so angry and frustated abt what they did to Miyeon, shes the best singer, the most

[ notpannchoa ] Is Jun Soyeon being unfair about her lines distribution or smart?

The criticism was met with equal force in defense. Another group of fans posted line distribution data from various online sites to claim that although Soyeon has the majority of lines in Nxde, she ranks third in the overall seconds of exposure she gets across the five-track album I love.

i find it so crazy when nevies complain about line distribution bc gidle definitely splits it up as a group. you know first hand how hands on their production process is. the reason why gidle songs get popular is because they know how to split up the parts for killing parts.

as a minnie fan i always say this but minnie gives herself the most lines in her songs too but no one says anything. it’s almost like the idol producer gives themself the most lines bc they created the song so they suit it best and that’s how gidle splits up lines…

Moreover, a few fans also noted that (G)I-DLE’s members have done similar things in the past. Whenever Miyeon and Yuqi participated in song creation, they took the majority of the lines, stated fans.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE’s I love album was released on October 17, 2022. It consists of Nxde (title track), Change, DARK (X-file), LOVE, and Reset. The music video of Nxde currently sits at 26.1 million views already.

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