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Business license information includes the business name, owner (if available), location and description of the business. Those without addresses are home-based businesses or out of town.

City of Wenatchee 

K.D. Central Land Management LLC: Kevin Dodson, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Rangel Family Construction LLC: Guillermo Rangel and Karina Zandejas, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Roberto Construction LLC: Marcario Mancilla Gonzalez, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction  

JP&P Custom Coatings LLC: Juan Pablo Sandoval, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Reveles Services: Jaime Reveles, Wenatchee, residential remodeler

Northwest Painting and Coating: Lorenzo Pulido Segura, Wenatchee painting and wall covering contractor

Future Automation and Networking LLC: Manuel Rivera and Elizabeth Rivera, Wenatchee, specialty trade contractor

Oralia’s Iron Works and More: Oralia Banuelos, Wenatchee, specialty trade contractor 

Rella Cups and Crafts LLC: Fernando Cruz, Wenatchee, women’s clothing stores

Queens Formal LLC: Silvia Carlson, 518 N. Chelan Ave., clothing stores

Lonely Soul Fiber Arts LLC: Virginia Kelley, Wenatchee, general merchandise stores

Connell Ace Hardware: Brandon Wright, David Wright, Lynn Wright, 733 S. Wenatchee Ave., general merchandise store

A Pocketful Of Posies: Cynthia Lynne Konicke, Wenatchee, florist, nursery retailer

Butique De Regalos Yanse: Deyanira Mendez, Wenatchee, gift, novelty and souvenir stores

Vintage Revival Inc.: Melissa Vasquez, Wenatchee, used merchandise stores

Aaron M. Lewallen LLC: Aarong Lewallen, Wenatchee, miscellaneous store retailer 

Alejandro Sanchez Romero: Alejandro Sanchez Romero, Wenatchee general freight trucking, long-distance, truckload

Home Team: Das Acquisition Company LLC, Douglas Schukar, 1560 N. Wenatchee Ave. Unit E, mortgage and nonmortgage loan brokers

Tailwind Financial Strategies: Geoffrey Gatewood, 227 Ohme Garden Road, investment advice

Milner Properties LLC: Douglass Milner, 1 Fifth St. Suite 100, lessors of nonresidential buildings  

SK Desert Destination LLC: Stuart Hurd, Wenatchee, offices of real estate agents and brokers

UCS LLC: U-Collection Site LLC, Nubia Elena Franco, 516 N. Chelan Ave., administrative management and general management consulting services

Gonzalez Cleaning Services: Guadalupe Olga Gonzalez, Wenatchee, janitorial services

Glimmer and Shine Housekeeping Services: Mayra Andrea Mercado, Wenatchee, janitorial services

Classic Shine Home Detailing: Michelle Martinez, Wenatchee, janitorial services

Salvador Lawns: Salvador Esquivel, Wenatchee, landscaping services

Taz Lawn Service LLC: Troy Gere, Wenatchee, landscaping services

JLLR Consulting: Ivon Lopez, Wenatchee, educational support services

Geometric Health LLC: Tanya Escobedo, 103 Palouse St. Suite 32, offices of physicians (except mental health specialists)

Myoworx: Richard M. Pratt, 123 Ohme Garden Road Suite C4, health practitioner

Golden Years Adult Family Home LLC #2: Fabiola Garibay, 2710 No. 1 Canyon Road, assisted living facilities for the elderly

Up and Beyond Child Care LLC: Raquel Guzman, Wenatchee, child day care services

Sweat Equity Cycle Studio: Ashley Reynolds, 201 S. Wenatchee Unit B2, fitness and recreational sports centers

Boba Tea Lab: Daniela Alpire, Jairo Alpre and Vasty Alpire, 4 S. Mission St., limited-service restaurant

Garcia Auto Performance: Oscar Garcia Trejo, 821 S. Wenatchee Ave., general automotive repair

Dynamic Ceramic/Wenatchee Detail Man LLC: Juan Hernandez, 730 S. Wenatchee Ave., Building 730, car wash

Kaley Marie Brodie: Kaley Marie Brodie, 314 S. Mission St., beauty salon

Glisten Esthetics: Kristen L. Mcneill, 1028 N. Wenatchee Ave. Ste 106, beauty salon

Makeupbynelisa: Nelisa Martinez, 104 E. Ninth St., beauty salon

Skin Necessities: Marisol Zacarias Banuelos, Wenatchee, beauty salon

Aimee’s Hair Co.: Aimee Lowe-Crisman, 530 N. Mission St., beauty salon

Kyle Hall: Kyle Hall, 705 S. Mission St., personal care services

Friends of Ukraine Refugees: Dee Ann Gregg, Keith Madsen, Russell Speidel, Jon Volyn, Wenatchee, nonprofit, grantmaking foundation

The following licenses were issued by the city of Wenatchee in March and April and May

Foreman Fruit & Land Company LLC: Dale Foreman, 124 N. Wenatchee Ave. Suite A, noncitrus fruit farming

TNV LLC: Kimberly Toftness and Troy Toftness, Wenatchee, aquaculture

Lone Pine Custom Construction: Shane Louis Markel, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction

Precision Excavation and Landscaping LLC: Troy Bassett and Thomas Snell, 207 S. Columbia St., new single-family housing construction 

Saravia’s Construction LLC: Raul A. Saravia Chacon, 703 S. Wenatchee Ave., new single-family housing construction 

Hillcreek Construction LLC: Victor Ayala Mora and Marcela Ayala, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Columbia Connection LLC: Bill Borchers, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Unidos Construction Company LLC: Jesse Alex Tapia, 1720 5th St. Suite B, new single-family housing construction 

Elite Flooring Installations LLC: Shaun Payne, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Washington State General Contractors LLC: Erik Gutierrez, 1447 N. Wenatchee Ave., new single-family housing construction 

Champion Build: Champion Construction Solutions LLC, Jess Johnson, Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction

Finish Up: David Lee Baker, Wenatchee, residential remodeler

Marlon’s Construction LLC: Gilberto Cano Rodriguez, Wenatchee, residential remodeler

Handy Mantis LLP: Jared Daniel Harris and Tyler Lincoln Thompson, Wenatchee, residential remodeler

Viramontes Construction LLC: Miguel Viramontes, Wenatchee, residential remodeler

Holler Boys LLC: James Ashmore, Wenatchee, residential remodeler

Clifford’s Concrete: Jesse Richard Ray Gambill, Wenatchee, poured concrete foundation and structure contractor

Agape Construction LLC: Ezequiel Rodrigo Anguiano, Wenatchee, siding contractors

Albin Electrical Services LLC: Cammeo Albin, 824 S. Columbia St., electrical contractor and other wiring installation

Pear Up: Neigel Vintners LLC: Kevin Van Reenen, 134 N. Mission St. Suite A, wineries

Ridgeline Graphics: Michael James Graham, 30 N. Chelan Ave., commercial printing 

Synergy Food Solutions LLC: Richard Wheeler and Sena Wheeler, 317 E. Penny Road # 2 Building, fish and seafood merchant wholesaler

Suss Microtec Inc.: Gary Choquette, Wenatchee, wholesale trade agent, broker

CW Auto Sales: William Peare, 1022 N. Wenatchee Ave., car dealer

Bumble & Bea: Beatrice Hersh-Tudor and Mark McGregor, 6427 Stemilt Loop Road, cosmetics, beauty supplies, and perfume stores

Cathy’s Lotions and More: Cathy Illguth, 1525 Fifth St., cosmetics, beauty supplies

Jerry’s Recycled Lariats: David Jerry Pickering, Wenatchee, art dealer

Manastar Creations: Amanda Marie Gloyn, Wenatchee, art dealer

Against The Grain: Chase C. Burgett, Wenatchee, art dealer

Carry on 9 Gifts: Cecilia Ann Ohman, Wenatchee, miscellaneous store retailer

Coralai: Corpus Group Inc., Wenatchee, miscellaneous store retailer 

Pro Refurbs LLC: David John Neely, Wenatchee, miscellaneous store retailer

Itty-Bitty Custom Designs: Cynthia Ortiz, Wenatchee, miscellaneous store retailer

Dedependable Roadside and Repair LLC: Jason Lillis and Skylar Lillis, Wenatchee, motor vehicle towing

Guest Ban: A-1 Tech Solutions LLC, Mitul Poshia, 1401 N. Miller St., software publishers

Austins Vacation Rentals LLC: Austin Barger, Wenatchee, residential property managers

ABZ Rentals LLC: Armando Bendito-Zepeda, Wenatchee, passenger car rental

PNW Funzone LLC: Erika Reynozo, Wenatchee, commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing

Untethered Interior Design LLC: Isabella Gray Evans, Wenatchee, interior design services

Wattcarbon Inc.: McGee Young, Wenatchee, custom computer programming services

Clean Power Alliance of Southern California: theodore Bardacke, Wenatchee, computer systems design services

5th Dimension Solutions: Jordan Ellis, Wenatchee, administrative management and general management consulting services

Aadilynn: Aadilynn Rambo, Wenatchee, marketing consulting services

Woolley Creative LLC: Thomas Schroeder, Wenatchee, marketing consulting services

Yesenia Villatoro Photography: Yesenia M. Rodriguez, Wenatchee, photography studios, portrait

P2X Studio LLC: Jessica Pierson, Wenatchee, photography studios, portrait

Health & Safety Consulting LLC: Cynthia Phillips, Wenatchee, professional, scientific and technical services

Castlerock Security LLC: James Greenfield and John Greenfield, Wenatchee, security guards and patrol services

Esperanza Realizada: Esperanza Salgado Morales, Wenatchee, janitorial services

Active Hands Cleaning: Elizabeth Nepita, Wenatchee, janitorial services

Blue Lake Cleaning Services: Hector Manuel Velasco, Wenatchee, landscaping services

Castillo’s Landscaping: Ismael Zavala, Wenatchee, landscaping services

Mjbcjohnson: Jacklyn Johnsona nd Mario Johnson, Wenatchee, landscaping services

A Renns Tallion Enterprise LLC: Jesse Dixon, landscaping services

Radical Restoration: Bradley Westra, Wenatchee, services to buildings and dwellings

Northwest Martial Arts and Wellness: Nichole Beth Roller, Wenatchee, sports and recreation instruction

Didacta: Maria Gonzalez, Wenatchee, miscellaneous schools and instruction

Orchard Educational Consulting: Josie Komorowski, Wenatchee, educational support services

Lupine Family Medicine: Angela Hendrick, 135 S. Worthen St. Suite 200, physician office 

The Rest RN: Doiron Coaching LLC, Jonathan Doiron and Karen Doiron, Wenatchee, health practitioner office

Alchemy of Wellbeing, Growing Health Acupuncture LLC, Anna Scofield, Wenatchee, health practitioner

Gracious Hearts Personal Care: Alicia S. Huereca, Wenatchee, assisted living facilities for the elderly

Gloria’s Family Connections LLC: Gloria Dozal, Wenatchee, child and youth services

Selena’s Collective Services LLC: Selena Bravo Valdovinos, Wenatchee, individual and family services

Kingrey Counseling Services: Karly Kingrey PLLC, Wenatchee, individual and family services

Exercise a Change LLC: Greg Johnson and Lisa Johnson, Wenatchee, fitness and recreational sports centers

My Place Hotel Wenatchee: Wenatchee 8 LLC, Tajinder Chahal, 820 Riverside Drive, hotel 

LCJ Home: Rosa Ramirez, Wenatchee, traveler accommodation

Senseney Farms LLC: John Senseney, Wenatchee, traveler accommodation

Pasta Del Capo: Tanner Wood, 1322 N. Wenatchee Ave., mobile food services

Dizzy D’s: Jeanetta Coyne and John Coyne, 501 N. Western Ave., full-service restaurant

H & D Auto Services LLC: Karen Drummond, Cally Horn and Harry Horn, 527 N. Wenatchee Ave., general automotive repair

Poetic Iron Art: Jose Antonio Gonzalez Mendoza, Wenatchee, commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair and maintenance

Hair by Kaylee: Kaylee Gudmundson, 123 Ohme Garden Road Suite 5, beauty salon

April’s Styles LLC: Sarah Stagner, 230 S. Columbia St., beauty salon

Furballs Grooming LLC: Brittany Washburn, 10 N. Mission St., pet care services

Pure Thought LLC: Blair Chymburjehle, Wenatchee, personal services

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners: Amanda Heier, Linda Helper-Corley, Sarah Janssen and Kelly Walsh, Wenatchee, nonprofit, grantmaking foundation 

City of East Wenatchee

The following licenses were issued by the city of East Wenatchee in March, April and May:

Five O2: Dean Gribble, Jeanne Gribble, Mia Gribble Jamison, East Wenatchee, cannabis producer

Clementine Farms LLC: Darci Glass, Patricia Glass, Colyn Hamon, East Wenatchee, floriculture production

Fantastic 4 Orchards LLC: Wilber Zaldivar, East Wenatchee, miscellaneous crop farming

L&K Construction: Diana Marilu Vasquez, 480 Highline Drive, new single-family housing construction  

Hamer Homes & Construction: Edward Scott Loidhamer, East Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Platinum Contractor LLC: Jonatan Garibay, 100 Simon St. S.E. Apt. 7, new single-family housing construction 

Ossy’s Construction LLC: Osinachi Confidence Okeahialam, East Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Christensen Construction and Design LLC: Mark Christensen and Volha Ilkevich, East Wenatchee, new single-family housing construction 

Su Casa General Construction LLC: Wilber Zaldivar, 607 15th St. N.E., new single-family housing construction  

Wenatchee Siding and Construction LLC: Dario Alexander Cisneros Navarrete, 1640 3rd St. S.E., new single-family housing construction 

Dave’s Handyman Service: Dave C. Fennell, East Wenatchee, residential remodeler

Tovar Excavation: Cristian Tovar, Eliseo Tovar and Victor Tovar, East Wenatchee, site preparation contractors

Edgemont Group II LLC: Leo Matz, East Wenatchee, other farm product raw material merchant wholesalers

Shop.everythingdisney: Paulina Cervantes, East Wenatchee, general merchandise stores

Fairnoble Company: Shawn Denard Cooks, East Wenatchee, miscellaneous store retailers

Nirvana Cannabis Company: The Garden LLC, Shane Gallagher, Dianna Kham, Mark Mackin, 181 Rock Island Road, miscellaneous store retailers

De Luna Trucking LLC: Javier De Luna, general freight trucking, local

Mercado & Sons Inc.: Branden Christopher Orellana, general freight trucking, long-distance, truckload

Bumble Bee Transport Inc.: Anika Atkins and Shane Atkins, 225 Turtle Rock Road, local messengers and local delivery

Griggs Accounting & Payroll Services: Erin Griggs, 832 Valley Mall Parkway Suite E, accounting services

Eric Paul Lunstrum: Eric Paul Lunstrum, East Wenatchee, building inspection services

The Entrepreneur’s Source: AJ Rose Enterprises LLC, Judith Ann Rose, East Wenatchee, administrative management and general management consulting services

Eue LLC: Stephen John Wright, East Wenatchee, administrative management and general management consulting services

Kristin K Photography: Kristin Nicole Knierim, East Wenatchee, photography studios, portrait

Apple Capital Cleaning Services LLC: Maria Aguilar, Luis Barrera Menendez, janitorial services

WJ Landscaping: Wilson Atoniel Pineda Garcia and Jasmine Pineda, East Wenatchee, landscaping services

Ace & Lucky LLC: Arturo Gonzalez, East Wenatchee, landscaping services

Top Notch Surface Cleaners & Coatings: Reyes Rubio, East Wenatchee,  services to buildings and dwellings

Command CPR: Patty S. Commandeur, East Wenatchee, miscellaneous schools and instruction

Ofelia’s Daycare: Ofelia Arroyo, East Wenatchee, child day care services

Kelsey Teddi Fitness LLC: Kelsey Farias, East Wenatchee, fitness and recreational sports centers

NCW Wine Tours LLC: Aaron Shepard and Nicole Shepard, amusement and recreation industries

Knopf Engineering: Michael A. Knopf, East Wenatchee, general automotive repair

Thorough Auto Detail: Erick Alejandro Ureta, East Wenatchee, car wash

Davis Welding: Seth Neil Davis, 1727 Sunset Highway, commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair and maintenance

Quicksharp: Eric Michael Severson, East Wenatchee, home and garden equipment repair and maintenance

Heritage Memorial Chapel: Kevin Precht, 19 Rock Island Road, funeral homes and funeral services

Your Day LLC: Sara Marie Maxine Smith, East Wenatchee, personal services

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