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Exporter SME’s EU products on the way with Turkish digital logistics provider Yolda

During the coronavirus outbreak, digitalization and exports continued to form the lifeblood of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

This increasing trend is now accelerating with more technology startups. Turkish startup Yolda, which digitizes the logistics operation processes of businesses, especially SMEs, continues to expand its service area with new collaborations.

Offering transportation services in Turkey’s 81 provinces and 973 districts since its establishment in April, Yolda signed a new cooperation deal with international logistics giant DSV on Nov. 13.

With this deal, Yolda started offering logistics services to Europe by expanding its service network abroad with DSV’s global reach and especially its versatile cooperation with global customers, its continuous and sustainable growth strategies and its strong financial infrastructure.

“We have been offering end-to-end digital logistics services to all businesses in Turkey, especially SMEs, in a short time since our establishment,” Yolda’s founding partner and CEO Volkan Özkan said, evaluating the cooperation.

“Using the trust and experience we have gained in domestic operations, we aim to be the reliable gateway for our exporters into Europe in today’s world, where the supply chains are shortened and exports are gaining importance,” Özkan noted.

He said they are ready to be a reliable business partner for exporters in European operations as well as in Turkey for the flexible, fragmented and instant logistics operations that have become a necessity during the pandemic process.

“For this purpose, we collaborated with DSV. We are expanding our end-to-end logistics service that we offer Turkey in Europe as well. By using the reliable infrastructure of our business partner DSV, we will provide an easy, reliable and fast logistics experience to our exporters. Our small or medium-sized exporters in Turkey will now be able to export their products to 16 countries in Europe via Yolda,” he said.

Cost advantage

The goal is to increase Turkey’s exports to the European Union at more advantageous costs in the next five years by using all transportation branches, DSV Turkey General Manager Ozan Önder said.

“In addition, we have decided to support all e-commerce channels by simplifying the documentation processes of our customers. I trust that we will be the pioneer and driving force of the sector with our new investments and I thank the Yolda family for being partners with us in our goals on our exciting journey. I hope this successful cooperation will be beneficial for both parties,” Önder noted.

Fast, easy export avenue

Yolda, which facilitates the export process for SMEs thanks to its cooperation with DSV, enables exporters to instantly conduct operations like pricing, arranging, tracking and reporting their shipments to the country they want via

The cargo is picked up by Yolda from their own warehouses and delivered to Europe at the shipping speed they choose with the understanding of operational excellence.

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