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Exclusive Lewes Santa coming to town at Brush Factory

Collectors of the Lewes Santa will be happy to learn that the third edition of the Lewes Santa series is on the way.

Each is a unique design available every other year. The Santa’s designer, D. Lynette Palen, owner of Michael Patrick Antiques and Accessories at the Brush Factory on Kings, has worked with Hestia Creations to create these custom Santas.

“It was important to have the Lewes Santa ‘made in USA’ and we are delighted to work once again with Hestia Creations of Marblehead, Mass.,” said Palen. “The original prototype for each Santa is sculpted from clay and a latex mold is made. Each of the limited-edition Santas is made of bonded marble dust individually poured and painted by hand. Lastly, textural elements are added, and each Santa is signed and numbered by the sculptor. It is a long process, but the Hestia team makes it an enjoyable one.”

Each of the 100 limited-edition Santa pieces is hand painted and features three-dimensional items. The Santas are available only at the Brush Factory on Kings and are expected to arrive in late September. To track the arrival, follow Michael Patrick Antiques on Facebook.

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