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Doll Factory | Film Threat

Doll Factory, is the tongue in cheek horror film directed by Stephan Wolfe, centered around the titular doll factory and the murderous haunted dolls that creep within and without. It is an intentionally bad horror film in the same vein as Scary Movie franchise and Troll 2 in that it is meant more to entertain in an ironic fashion than to frighten as a traditional horror movie would. And it is nothing if not entertaining.

“…centered around the titular doll factory and the murderous haunted dolls that creep within…”

We follow a stereotypical group of costumed high schoolers venturing into a haunted factory on Halloween looking for some cheap thrills. Once there, they comically commit every sin one can commit in a horror setting. Reading of cursed books, haunted children’s toys, and splitting up, this movie does it all to hilarious effect. They then go on the run to try to undo their mistake and do so in such an amusing manner you can’t help but root for them, and what’s chasing them.

Props and special effects by DwN Productions in this production deserve particular praise. The gore is delightfully gruesome. For most, it will be difficult to look at and impressive once you manage it. I winced harder than I have in a long time when one of my all-time worst fears was showcased with disturbing clarity.

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