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Dimerco announces management restructure as chief executive Lin retires

Taiwanese freight forwarder Dimerco Express Group has set up an executive management board (EMB) as part of a restructuring process.

The EMB will consist of five executive management members and will be led by Jeffrey Shih when Dimerco chief executive Edward Lin retires at the end of this month (October).

The new management board will be responsible for Dimerco’s three newly restructured business divisions – air freight, ocean freight and contract logistics.

Dimerco has also upgraded its corporate management information system to a business intelligence technology division focused on the development and application of its own Dimerco Value Plus System which operates on web.3.0 cloud network.

Shih, newly appointed as chief executive, management, said: “Dimerco Express Group is in the process of disruptive innovation, in terms of organisational restructure, specialisation, teamwork and the application of intelligent technology.

“We believe that the new EMB structure and clear business divisions will enable us to be more professionally focused on our key services.

“To upgrade our IT system to Mobile Intelligence Logistics Service Platform by leveraging latest Artificial Intelligence Technology, application of Big Data with App, reflects our commitment to provide a best-in-class logistics service for operation and management excellency and optimization of service to customers.”

Dimerco’s new structure sees George Chiou, president of Dimerco Express Corp, representing the airfreight division responsible for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and North East Asia.

The president of GCR Ocean Freight, Johnny Kao, will represent the ocean freight division in the same regions as Chiou.

Shih will be responsible for the airfreight division in South East Asia, Australia, the US, Canada and Europe, while Herbert Liou, president of Dimerco Express (USA) Corp, will represent the ocean freight division in those regions.

Wendy Chien, managing director, will represent the contract logistics division across both geographies.

Jeffrey Shih

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